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Looking for any connections to the O’Deas from Rathkeale, Limerick. In particular, George O’Dea (b.1883).  Went to NYC and stayed in 1908.  Hoping to find relatives or information on the rest of our family. Thank you!

- Marty O’Dea


Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 11:51PM

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  • George's parents had at least ten children:

    Dee        Mtn [Martin]        1873      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        John       1874      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Mary      1875      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Patrick   1877      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Joseph   1879      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Thomas 1879      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Thomas 1881      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        George  1883      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Mary      1884      Co. Limerick       

                                  Dee        Joseph   1885      Co. Limerick       



    Friday 9th Sep 2022, 12:04AM
  • Marty,

    To add to the details supplied by Patricia, I attach a copy of the Civil record. The church records are transcribed as "Dee" - Subscription site

    Civil record from Roots: Marriage - November 30th 1872 - Patrick O'Dea, Main Street, Slater. Father: Martin O'Dea, Slater, to Kate Wren, Dressmaker, Well or Mill Lane. Father; John Wren.

    Marriage in Rathkeale RC Church. Witnesses: Daniel Wren and Honora Ryan.

    You may be able to get the remainder of the family on free site



    Friday 9th Sep 2022, 07:34AM
  • Marty,

    I attach copies of the Irish census for 1901 and 1911 - O'Dea - Main Street, Rathkeale

    Patrick O'Dea, Senior had died in 1894 and his widow Catherine died in 1901 in the local hospital.

    In regard to the surname "Wrenn" this spelling is used in some parts of County Limerick and "Wren" in other parts.

    The spelling "Wrenn" is recorded in Rathkeale. According to the Surnames of Ireland by Dr. Edward MacLysaght

    it is an English surname and has been used as "Ring" and "Rynne" in Ireland.




    Friday 9th Sep 2022, 11:38AM
  • This is wonderful information, thank you so very much for putting it together!



    Monday 26th Sep 2022, 04:11PM

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