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My parents will be making their first trip to Ireland in Sept.  They would like to find their way to some of the sites and areas from which my mom's family hailed. I have posted queries here previously and was so glad for helpful info given. So quick family run down is the following: 

John H O'Connor dob 1847 near Cahermoyle per his obituary in Chicago Irish Families 12/10/1892. His brother was Daniel dob 1852. The write up in Chgo Irish Families states John H O'Connor came to Chicago after participating in the Fenian Uprising of 1867 attack on the Ardagh Constabulary led by his uncle Patrick O'Connor. We know from burial records in Chicago he is related (possible first cousin) to the Chicago gangster, Tommy O'Connor who escaped hanging sentence in Chicago and is believed to have fled back to his home area in the Cahermoyle area of Limerick.

Daniel P Murphy dob Dec 1831 in Loghill Limerick per his obit in the Chicago papers. With the help of Col and others on this site, I believe he was baptized in Newcastle West 12/12/1831. I know his father was Denis Murphy and he had brothers Patrick dob 1825 and Michael dob 1844.  The bap certs for them all indicate their mom was Maria Cronin. Michael married Margaret Enright in Ireland. Daniel P Murphy's oldest daughter married John H O'Connor in Chicago. So I think the families were from the same area in Limerick.

When my parents come in Sept, they want to stop in the Rathkeale and Loghill area to see if there are any churches or cemeteries where some family could be. Would there be any church with possible records? Also, is the Ardagh constabulary still standing? Could they see anything about the Fenian Uprising John H O'Connor was part of?

I am going to post this on the boards for Loghill, Newcastle West and Rathkeale also in case others who might have ideas are only monitoring those parishes.

Hoping someone can give us guidance for my parents. They have waited for so long to get to Ireland! Much MUCH thanks for any help!

Jeanie Lewis 



Saturday 27th May 2017, 04:58AM

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