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I need help to find some information about my great great grandparents were Patrick Maguire and his wife was Mary Maguire (McGrath) who resided in Annagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland during 1860 between 1880

I know they had resided in Annagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland

They had children incliuding my great grandmother was Margaret Fahet (maguire) (1865 - 1954)

Anyone can help information about this?

Jason O’ Connor

Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 12:28PM

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    RootsIreland has a transcription of an 1865 civil birth record for MARY McGuire, as follows:


    Name:   Mary Maguire  

    Date of Birth:     24-Jan-1865       

    Address:              Curnacarty [Cornacarta]              

    Parish/District:   Ballindine district

    Gender: Female 

    County  Co. Mayo

    Father:  Patrick Maguire              

    Mother:               Mary Mcgrath


    There are several children for Patrick and Mary, including:

    Name:   Patrick Mcguire

    Baptism:              27-Jun-1879

    Address:              Carrick 

    Parish/District:   Annagh RC parish

    Gender: Male     

    County  Co. Mayo

    Denomination:   Roman Catholic

    Father:  Patrick Mcguire

    Mother:               Mary Mcgrath                                

    Sponsor 1 /Informant 1:       Bryan Mcgrath

    Sponsor 2 /Informant 2:       Bridget Mcgrath

    Notes: 2-6.


    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 12:52PM
  • In 1857, Patrick McGuire was listed as a head of household in  Griffith's Valuation of Mayo:

    Griffith McGuire Patrick Cornacarta Annagh Co. Mayo


    You can see more info at


    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 01:18PM
  • Thanks for sharing this information

    when did Mary Maguire (McGrath) get married to Patrick Maguire

    who was parents of Mary McGrath 

    who was parents of Patrick Maguire 

    Jason O’ Connor

    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 04:11PM
  • Jason,

    Curious, is this your Margaret? Married to Thomas Fahey in 1899?

    5776792.pdf (

    Regards- Mary


    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 05:09PM
  • Jason,

    Is this Margaret's birth record?


    Name Margt. Maguire
    Gender Female
    Birth Date 24 Jan 1865
    Birth Place Ballindine, Mayo, Ireland
    Father Patt Maguire
    Mother Mary Mcgrath


    Regards- Mary


    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 05:29PM
  • Civil records for births began in Ireland in 1864.  And baptismal records for the time in which Patrick and Mary would have been born in Mayo seem not to exist. If you can locate their death records, you would at least get their ages and thus an idea of their years of birth.

    I did not find a church marriage record in the records available to me, but I imagine they were married shortly before the birth of their eldest child.


    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 07:42PM
  • MaryTV

    yes , I know Margt Maguire is my great grandmother because she had married to Thomas Fahey at Ballindine Claremorris Co Mayo in 1899 and they had children including my grandfather was Micheal Fahey (1906 -1994) and she had died at Ballindine Claremorris Co Mayo in 1920

    Jason O’ Connor

    Sunday 7th Apr 2024, 08:37PM

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