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I'm just getting started trying to find documents to obtain Irish citizenship via my grandfather (born in parish Knock on 10/5/1879 - or at least baptized then.  The baptismal certificate gives 10/5 as the baptism date but that has always been known as his birthday.) Anyhow ..,.

How do I get a certified copy of his birth certificate?  I know this is an ultra-newbie question and maybe I should be asking elsewhere but any help you can give would be appreciated!  There's so much here and in other places and I don't know where to start!



Monday 7th Nov 2022, 02:58PM

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  • Sharon,

    Is you grandfather recorded on the Civil Register which is from January 1st 1864.

    Check The local Registrar may be either Knock or Ballyhaunis.

    If he is on the register, you will get the Certified Copy from the Registrar, Convent Road, Roscomon . Cost Euro20 



    Monday 7th Nov 2022, 03:26PM
  • Hey Sharon, I think you should go to your local registrar to check the registry. Regards, stumble guys


    Tuesday 8th Nov 2022, 04:44AM

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