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(Composed c. 450-550 A.D.)


Grant me sweet Christ the grace to find—

Son of the Living God!—

A small hut in a lonesome spot

To make it my abode.

A little pool but very clear

(To stand beside the place)

Where all men’s sins are washed away

By sanctifying grace.


A pleasant woodland all about

To shield it from the wind

And make a home for singing birds

Before it and behind.

A southern aspect for the heat

A stream along its foot,

A smooth green lawn with rich topsoil

Propitious to all fruit.


My choice of men to live with me

And pray to God as well;

Quiet men of humble mind—

Their number I shall tell.

Four files of three or three of four

To give the psalter forth;

Six to pray by the south church wall

And six along the north.


Two by two my dozen friends—

To tell the number right—

Praying with me to move the King

Who gives the sun its light.

A lovely church, a home for God

Bedecked with linen fine,

Where over the white Gospel page

The Gospel candles shine.


A little house where all may dwell

And body’s care be sought,

Where none shows lust or arrogance,

None thinks an evil thought.

And all I ask for housekeeping

I get and pay no fees,

Leeks from the garden, poultry, game,

Salmon and trout and bees.


My share of clothing and of food,

From the King of fairest face,

And I to sit at times alone,

And pray in every place.





Tuesday 26th Mar 2024, 02:33PM

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  • Thanks for sharing Judy, lovely sentiment in the poem.


    Majella, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 27th Mar 2024, 11:07AM
  • Thank you sharing this poem. It is beautiful.


    Patrick Dunican

    28 Apr 2024


    Patrick D

    Sunday 28th Apr 2024, 06:48PM
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    The Church at Lemanaghan is in ruins, but its old beauty can be imagined.

    St. Manahan built his mother a "cell" where she either lived or retreated to in prayer.

    The cemetery is large and does not seem to have been vandalized.

    The Church, cemetery, well and grave yard are in a totally rural area, surrounded by woods and pasture land with silently grazing cattle.  The total absence of noise adds to the sanctity of the Church grounds.


    Monday 29th Apr 2024, 01:03PM

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