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Hey there 

Hey there 
I’m trying to find information about James Killeen

I know James Killeen was in Black and Tans and James Killeen had owned Pub in Shannonbridge Co Roscommon for years and he was married to Elizabeth Killeen (Gleeson) and they had children 

if anyone knows information about him like his birth record or their marriage record???

Jason O’ Connor

Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 09:40AM

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  • Jason,

    Do you know apprroximately when James was Born or got married?

    Is this him?

    Ancestry-  1911 census


    NameJames J Killeen

    Gender Male

    Age20Birth Yearabt 1891

    Birth PlaceCo Roscommon

    Residence Date2 Apr 1911

    House Number2Townland/Street

    TogherDistrictCarrowreaghCountyRoscommonCountryIrelandElectoral DistrictCarrowreagh

    LiteracyRead and write

    Marital StatusSingle

    OccupationPublican and Farmers Son

    ReligionRoman CatholicRelationshipSon


    Household Members (Name) Age Relationship
    Ellen Killeen 56 Head
    Mary B Killeen 24 Daughter
    John Killeen 22 Son
    James J Killeen 20 Son
    Rosanne Killeen 18 Daughter
    Edward T Killeen 16 Son

    Maybe his birth record, parents John Killeen and Ellen Kelly. John died in 1897.

    1886195.pdf (

    4658486.pdf (

    Regards- Mary


    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 11:28AM
  • No , it’s not right person 

    I know that James Killeen was 92 years old when he had died in 1982 

    Jason O’ Connor

    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 01:03PM
  • Jason,

    Could this be one of his children?

    Regards- Mary


    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 02:37PM
  • Jason,

    You say that the birth and census records are not James Killeen, but keep in mind that the age stated at death can vary about 5 years either way...older or younger. If he was born in 1891, then his death in 1982 at 92 years of age is very close...only one year off. Given that his father was a publican, and his mother took over that same job as evidenced in the 1901 and 1911 censuses, then he became a publican, my guess is that this is who you are looking for. I looked on two sites for his marriage record to Elizabeth Gleeson post 1911 (when he was single), but did not locate anything. Are you confident about his wife's name?




    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 04:32PM
  • Mary TV

    i knows this woman was daughter of James Killeen and Elizabeth Killeen (Gleeson) 

    Jason O’ Connor

    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 10:09PM
  • Carolyn 

    I guess you are right about your statement 

    I only know little bit about James Killeen which already started but according to his son is Mick Killeen said his father didn’t talk about his father unlike his siblings 

    Jason O’ Connor

    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 10:16PM
  • Jason,

    Not sure with the publican connection, Ballinsalone connection with his father's death, James' birth, and James' daughter birth, why you don't think the James on the 1911 census is yours? Like Carolyn, I have not found a marriage record nor baptismal records for his children. Based on his headstone, his wife's name was Elizabeth.

    Regards- Mary


    Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 10:24PM
  • Jason,

    James was about 6 when his father died so he might not know a lot about him. In addition to the siblings listed on the 1911 census above, the 1901 census shows Michael 18 and Pat 16. When John Killeen died in 1897, his daughter Katie witnessed. She was not on the 1901 census.

    Per RootsIreland (paid subscription), a John Killeen and Eleanor Kelly married in 1880 in Moore, Roscommon.

    Regards- Mary



    Sunday 21st Apr 2024, 11:50AM
  • Hello Jason,

    I live in this general area and I've contacted a Killeen family member about your query. Her name is Barbara and her email address is, she's happy for you to contact her.

    Best regards,

    Mary McLoughlin 


    Sunday 12th May 2024, 05:57PM

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