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Seeking info about the background of my Irish family members who arrived in Brisbane Australia aboard the Erin-Go-Bragh ship. The Erin-Go-Bragh set out from Cobh, Ireland, on February 7 1862 and arrived in Moreton Bay on August 2 1862.  The Erin-Go-Bragh was the first mainly Irish free settler ship to come to Queensland and those hardy souls faced many challenges including a leaky ship, 57 deaths and a dangerous journey. 

My family amongst the immigrants were  Edward Ryan and his wife Jane Hyland and their seven children. I have read that most of the migrants were from Killeigh, near Tullamore and may have been evicted from an estate called "Geasehill/Geashill"

The time they left is slightly after what I have read as being the official end of the Potato Famine period, but I am sure the effects of this continued for many years.

I am wondering is there anyway to find specific information about the family, the background of the eviction from the Geasehill estates.

Any advice would be appreciated.




Friday 23rd Sep 2022, 11:27PM

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