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I am a descendant of John McDonnell whose parents were Martin McDonnell and Eliza (Elizabeth) Doyle. John McDonnell was the first of my ancestors to arrive in Melbourne, Australia and his marriage and death certificates identify his birthplace as Athlone , Roscommon and his parents are named as the above. He was born in 1849 and I have found Irish birth records which appear to support the Australian records. He repeats his place of birth with each born child of which he and his wife Rose McGough (County Monaghan, Castleblayney) had four children , John, Rose Mary,  Arthur,and my great grandfather Martin.

The unusual feature of his marriage certificate is that he cites his father Martin's occupation as clerk of courts which I am suspicious may be inaccurate (in a sardonic way) though I have no evidence for this. 

I was wondering if there is any way I can find more information about the family in Ireland. Thle Irish records show that Martin and Eliza were married at St Peter's ,Athlone and Drum and the children John, Martin and Anna birth records show the same origin.


Thank you, 

Juanita McDonnell 


Wednesday 7th Jun 2017, 02:27PM

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  • Juanita:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I will alert our parish liasion for the nearby parish of Moore to see if she can assist with your message. 

    By the way, my McDonnells come from northwest Roscommon near the Mayo border.

    We also have an XO Chronicles site  where you can add information and pictures about John McDonnell.



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 7th Jun 2017, 05:32PM
  • Thank you so much I have been researching my family history for 30 years now , since I was in my twenties and have come so far with oh so far to go. The Irish connection is the dearest one as my maiden name is who I am. There is a town on my great great grandfather's marriage certificate which I need to go and have another look at. Also on the Irish records the witnesses are family and others whose names are repeated on multiple records such as Dominus Tobin and Elizabeth Kelly.

    I love the McDonnell name by the way!

    regards, Juanita



    Thursday 8th Jun 2017, 04:32AM
  • Juanita:

    Let us know the name of the town. If you have not heard anything in ten days or so, let me know.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th Jun 2017, 06:33PM
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    Dear Juanita, 

    You are fortunate that Drum parish has records that have helped you research your family as you mention that you have marriage records of your ancestor. You do not mention the name of the village in Drum parish but we are wondering if it is Clongowna. 

    We are in the adjoining parish of Moore and have this burial record to Doyle Clongowna in our Kilbegly Graveyard.

    We looked closely at Parish records of St. Peters Athlone and found birth records of two Elizabeth Doyles, 

    No 1 Elizabeth Doyle of Patrick Doyle & Mary Keenan Clongowna, Monksland born 23rd March 1817. Appear to be no other baptismal records. 

    No 2 Elizabeth Doyle of Matthew Doyle & Catherine Shine, Crannagh, Athlone born 22nd Feb 1822.Other children of Matthew & Catherine were Jane born 8th Dec 1815, John born 5th July 1819, Martin born 12th July 1820 & Roger born 24th July 1827. 

    Elizabeth Doyle married Martin McDonnell on the 23rd October 1847 in St Peters Church Athlone, no address given for either parties. Elizabeth & Martin McDonnell had 3 children: Ann born 27th July 1848, John born 7th September 1849 & Martin 7th Nov 1851.

    Attached are three headstones of Doyles in Drum Monastic Site (Cemetery)  for Doyles: 

    There is a graveyard near Monksland named Clonakilla and it is possible that there would be a Doyle burial plot there also.. There are several Doyle families down the generations all in Clongowna.

    Hopefully, this is of some help to your family tree research. 


    Kind regards, 


    Marie & Maureen

    Moore History Group


    Moore Roscommon

    Monday 26th Jun 2017, 08:55PM
  • I am a descendant of John Mc Donnell married to Kate. Child Bridget. Bridget married John Sherlock and they  lived in  Gurteen. 

    Bridget and John had 

    Catherine, Mamie and Patrick approx 1876


    Barb Morrissey

    Sunday 24th Sep 2017, 12:00AM
  • Barb Morrissey

    Sunday 24th Sep 2017, 12:22AM
  • My 5th grandfather, Micheal Kelly married Marianna McDonnall, about 1800 at St. Peter's?

    They had five children, all baptized at St. Peter's, Athlone and Drum, Rosecommon.

    Catharina, June 27, 1801.

    Patrick,March ,23, 1803.

    Peter, 12, September. 1811

    Mariam, May, 1815.

    John, July, 1817



    Thursday 16th Aug 2018, 03:18PM
  • Thank you for all your information and the links. I have come no further in my search for my Doyle/ McDonnell ancestors due to a lapse in researching as a result of serious ill health. At last I am able to resume my search.

    The John McDonnell, born 1849 to Elizabeth and Martin is my great great grandfather according to records on his marriage certificate , church records and the birth records of his children , born in Melbourne , Australia. My great grandfather was John's youngest son and his name was Martin. 


    Thank you again and I will keep searching,



    Wednesday 13th Feb 2019, 04:44AM
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    mcdmcgoughmarr.pdf (137.95 KB)
    martinmcdB.pdf (394.9 KB)

    Hi, I have found records regarding Matthew Doyle and Catherine Barrett who were the parents of an Elizabeth Doyle b;1822 and her siblings. I think I may have some new information and am checking into it.

    On the McDonnell line I have not pinned down John McDonnell, my G.Grandfather x2 who was the first in my direct line to arrive in Melbourne in 1871. On his marriage certificate he has named his parents as Elizabeth Doyle and Martin McDonnell coming from what I read as Clonmellon, Tipperary and I think , I am taking this with a grain of salt, his father Martin as a clerk of the supreme court. In subsequent birth records of his children he says he was born in Athlone, Roscommon, I am confused and have tested all of these paths. I would be once again grateful of any help with the information I have and have attached the marriage and birth records for perusal. My DNA says I am majority Irish and it is frustrating ot to be able to identify my birth name line. I am wondering whether John McDonnell may have been confused with Clonmellon, Westmeath which is where his maternal grandparents were born if my research is accurate?

    Thank you so much for your help,  Juanita McDonnell.


    Sunday 10th Dec 2023, 02:36AM
  • Juanita:

    John McDonnell was baptized at St. Peter's Athlone on September 7th 1849. Below is an excerpt of the information that Marie and Maureen provided to you in 2017. I just verified the info.


    Elizabeth Doyle married Martin McDonnell on the 23rd October 1847 in St Peters Church Athlone, no address given for either parties. Elizabeth & Martin McDonnell had 3 children: Ann born 27th July 1848, John born 7th September 1849 & Martin 7th Nov 1851.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 11th Dec 2023, 04:22PM

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