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I have ancestors from Kilcolman Claremorris and would love to discover anything I can about them and how they lived. The attached letter written in 1882 has some good information but I've been able to find little else on my Irish ancestors who's surnames are Collins, Pendergast and Moran.

I hope to be making my first trip to Ireland January 2015 and would love to explore the area they were from and hopefully find some family history. Would love to connect with a historian in this area who may be able to help.


Thank you!




Sunday 12th Oct 2014, 09:45PM

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  • Katharine:

    I really enjoyed  reading your letter. I tried to find records related to the Collins family with no success. The townland  mentioned by Canon Bourke is Eskerlevally. He mentions within a mile from Claremorris. That may be as the crow flys. Driving it is about 2 miles or so to the north of Claremorris.

    I checked the Tithes, Griffiths Valuation and the 1901 census. Also, checked Roots Ireland, again with no success. I'm guessing that Darby and Bridget were married 1827 or earlier and the children in that same time period.

    The son Michael likely went to England permanently or died before the 1901 census since there were no Collins living in Eskerlevally.

    As an aside, Canon Bourke was famous in his own right, See this article.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 13th Oct 2014, 12:30AM
  • Great letter.  

    While there is no sign of a Collins family, there is a Cullinane family in Eskerlevalley.  Could this possibly be the name? I found a baptismal transcription for a child Michael baptised in Claremorris parish in 1883 (the same year as the letter)  who was the son of a Michael Cullinane and Catherine Flaherty of Eskerlevally. I believe this son Michael is also in the 1901 census in Eskerlevalley with his mother Catherine and sister.

    I also found in the marriage transcription for the following;

    Feb 20 1824-Patt Cullinane (?)to Bridget Prendergast-pt-John Cullinane

    There was also a Patrick Cullinane listed in the 1855-1856 Griffith's Valuation in Eskerlevalley.  Not Darby but the the Bridget Prendergast fits.  

    If you think this could possibly be your family, there are 5 other baptismal record transcriptions and possibly a marriage record. 




    Wednesday 15th Oct 2014, 04:35AM
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    I think I have a copy of the same letter. John Collins is my great great grandfather. Do you have any information about this, or any of your ancestors from this area? We may be related :-)

    Thursday 18th Jan 2018, 03:13AM
  • My maiden name is Colleen Collins. Again, any info is helpful. Thank you!

    Thursday 18th Jan 2018, 03:14AM

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