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Hi All,

My family comes from the Carrigeen, Kilmeane, Kilteevan, Knockcroghery Parish area in Roscommon.  I have been to the area a few times and am coming back this August.  Since  my last visit there, I have been given a photo album of my Great Grandmother, Ellen Brennan.  The person that had it had inherited my family's possessions.  He found me through my many, many postings on the web.  I was very lucky.  When he contacted me and told me what he had, I boarded the next plane out to meet with him.

My family is the Luke Brennan(1833-1908) married to Catherine Lennon(1829-1899)

Children:  James, Ellen, Kate, Peter, Brigid(Bea), Luke and Patrick.  Ellen married Thomas Murtagh and lived right on N61 in Ballymurray.  Their daughter, Rose married Dan Foley from Ballymurray.  Kate married Edward Naghton.  They had Patrick and Stephen and lived in Bogginfin.  Brigid(Bea) moved to NY and married Hugh Coyle.  James married Catherine Kelly.  They had John (1907) and Ellen (1909)  Peter, Luke and Patrick - I have no information on them.

Jame's wife, Catherine Kelly's parents were Patrick and Mary Meely.  They lived in Sandfield.  They had Bernard, Brigid, James, Mary, Thomas, Margaret and Patrick.

My family was know as the Kelly/Brennan family.  I think because Catherine's family took care of James Brennan and Catherine Kelly's two children.

Would anyone know if there is someone I could contact or meet to help identify the photos in the album?

Thank you,

Mary Sparks - New York

Mary Murtagh Lorenz

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2016, 09:49PM

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  • Hi Mary!

    I know you posted yesterday and Col Cafferky suggested that you check the phone book which I assume you have done. We do not have a parish liaison in the Knockcroghery area. Here is a Facebook page link for the area.  You may want to post a message to see if you can get a local contact.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 23rd Feb 2016, 10:43PM
  • Thank you, Roger.  I saw on the net that the year of the gathering when John Brennan came back to Knockcroghery with his father, Owen, he met with the oldest person in town and celebrated the gathering together.  If only I could have had pictures to show them.  Who knows, John Brennan might be a relative and his father might have been able to put some light on the identity of the photos.  Again, thank you, Roger.  I will try to contact the few people left with the same surnames.  But, when you come with the surnames Kelly and Brennan, the chances are slim.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

    Mary Murtagh Lorenz

    Wednesday 24th Feb 2016, 11:20PM

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