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James Mulling County Roscommon (1840-1873) married Catherine Coffee county Roscommon (1843-1916), James died in Buslem and Catherine died in Stoke on Trent. Daughter born in 1863 Box Comara and passed away in 1912 in Uk, Married Henry T. Warham (1861-1909). Needing when they left Ireland.  Catherines Father Martin Coffee (1820-1856) married ?Bridget Ward of Roscommon. I can't find any information when they left Ireland, or who the parents were aside from Catherine's father. Not sure about Bridget Ward



Monday 20th Aug 2018, 09:10PM

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  • Hello. Do you know where and when James Mulling married Catherine Coffee? Was it in England or Ireland? Were either James or Catherine living in England when they were single? 

    What was the daughter's name? Were there more children? Civil registration of births began in Ireland 1864 so if there were younger children born in Ireland or England their births should have been registered, although not all were. If you can find all children of the marriage that would give you an idea of when Catherine was in Ireland or England. (James was not necessarily present.) Many births on GRO Index (England) have mother's maiden surname included, making searching easier. There's also a Staffordshire BMD site.

    What is the earliest English census on which you have found James and Catherine? Did they live in Staffordshire all the time they were in England?

    What was James' occupation?

    If James was a householder he may have been eligible to vote after 1867 and his name might be on electoral registers. You would need to know Parliamentary constituency, ward and address.(England)  He may not have been able to vote until later. He would be on ratepayers' lists if he was a householder. Lists of voters and ratepayers are compiled annually.

    You will not be able to find out exactly when they moved. Since all they were doing was travelling within the UK there were no immigration or travel documents. 

    Mulling could be Mullin/Mullen/Mullins and Coffee could be Coffey and probably more variations.

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018, 01:54AM
  • Griffiths' Valuation shows Michael Mullin with house & land in Cloonkeen townland, Kilkeevan parish. James Coffey had house, offices & land in same townland.

    Do you know if Martin Coffee or James Mulling were farmers or property/landholders? i.e. did they rent land or property in Ireland.

    Did Martin die in Ireland or England?

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018, 02:59PM
  • Members of a Coffey family were still farming in Cloonkeen townland early 20thC. 1901 census shows widowed Bridget Coffey, son, Peter and daughter, Bridget. Peter was there on his own for 1911 census.

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018, 03:05PM
  • Bridget (b. 1864)  and Peter Coffey (b. 1871), who were in Cloonkeen townland 1901 were children of Thomas Coffy (sic) of Coolkeen , landholder & wife, Bridget (Conelly/Coneely). (Births registered in Castlerea Sup. District.) Thomas Coffey, landholder of Cloonkeen died 1895, age at death given as 65. Informant was son, Peter.

    Returning to James Coffey of Cloonkeen on Griffiths' Valuation. A James Coffey died 1875, reported age 55.  No image so no more detail. (Death registered Castlerea)

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018, 04:06PM
  • James and Catherine were married in Roscommon in 1861, 7 children were born to this union, 2 in Ireland, Mary Ann (my ggrandmother) 1863 in BoxComara and Patrick in 1865, the next child James in 1866 was born in Staffordshire Eng. Occupations are unk., Martin Coffee?, married a Bridge (Ward)? Martin was born in 1820-1856 in Ireland, unknow location think Roscommon but not sure, very little information on him or his wife. Unable to find any further information on Catherines family or James, am looking for parents, birth dates, deaths and locations of families. Have tried UK Census but still not able to get much more that I have. I have come across both Bridgets (Ward and Conelly-Coneely), unsure which one was the wife of Martin. thank you all so much for the help especially the townships and parishes.If anything new comes up please notify me. 

    Thursday 23rd Aug 2018, 09:48PM
  • The Bridget Connelly/Coneely I was referring to was wife of Thomas Coffey and mother of another Bridget (b. 1864) and Peter . Marriage of Bridget  & Thomas was too early for civil registration.

    That family may have no connection to the families you're looking for but I thought I should highlight Michael Mullin and James Coffey in same townland on Griffiths' Valuation.

    Which parish did James and Catherine marry in? Have you found baptisms of Mary Ann (1863) and Patrick (1865)?  If so, were they in the same or different paishes? The reason I ask is that there was a custom for a woman to return to her mother's home to have her 1st child, which would then be baptised in that parish. 



    Maggie May

    Friday 24th Aug 2018, 07:29PM
  • thank you for all your help, researching now to see if I can find out information that you asked. Hopefully will be able to continue the search. Thank you Linda Schmitz

    Sunday 26th Aug 2018, 03:42PM

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