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My ancestor James Clabby was born in County Roscommon about 1800-1810. There is some indication that he may have come from Currabane (spelling?) in the parish of Tulsk, and I understand that Ogulla may be another name for that parish. We do not know the name of James' father. He and his children were associated with a Michael Clabby, who may have been James' brother.

James married, we think, Susan Murphy. They had at least three children, all born in Roscommon in the 1820s and 1830s. The children were Susan, James Jr. and Bridget.

The three children moved to the area of Birmingham, England, about 1850-1860 and settled in Oldbury and Smethwick, Staffordshire. James Clabby Sr. may have come with them; if so, he was probably the James Clabby who died in Oldbury in 1851.

James Clabby Jr. married first, Catherine Elwood, who died, and second, Margaret Norton. They came to America about 1865, eventually settling in New York State, where my great grandmother, Jane Ann Clabby, was born in 1869. 

Susan married Festus Flynn, and Bridget married Michael Connor. These families came to America later, about 1890-1900.

I would be glad to hear from anyone who might be connected, or who has suggestions for further research.


Tuesday 13th Nov 2012, 04:45AM

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    Landed Estates Roscommon;

    Michael Labby; 1855 & 1879


    Elphin census 1749 Roscommon;



    Griffiths Valuation of Ireland;

    Richard-William-Michael-Bridget-Patrick-John Clabby




    Tuesday 13th Nov 2012, 11:53AM
  • Hi,

    We are commencing a Tulsk Project this year, with a Gathering event at the end of July (and through August), and will be happy to look up the Tulsk graveyard survey and see if anything connects.

    Rathcroghan team





    Wednesday 13th Feb 2013, 01:40PM
  • Dear Jim

    Very belatedly to your post which I have just noticed - thank you for the Clabby information you posted.   I am interested in it for my husband's Clabby ancestor.   Her name and any actual information of her comes solely from a "Missing Friends" message printed for Irish immigrant Michael Green seeking his missing brother Thomas.  In the message, Michael Green  identified his Clabby mother's name, his location in Roscommon, and immigration route.   To me it looks they may be related to your family, what do you think?   Here is Michael's message, from October 2, 1875 below. 


    OFTHOMAS GREEN, son of John and Margaret Green, (maiden name Clabby), of Ardcellon, County Roscommon, who left England 23 or 24 years ago.  When last heard from was in New Orleans, La., left there for California. Heard he got married to Bridget Standley.   Address his brother, Michael Green, Severance, Doniphan County, Kansas. 


    Leaves me wondering if Margaret Clabby Green might have been a sister of your James.   Impossible to know for the moment as the church records could not be located. 


    Wednesday 30th Nov 2016, 03:46PM
  • cgreen

    Thursday 1st Dec 2016, 04:00PM
  • Just small addition to my post above, in case it might be of  possible interest to other Clabby in Roscommon.   In the 1829 book "The Reflections of Skeffington Gibbon"   it mentions the encounter of three  "McClabby"  with Robin Ormsby the local tyrant who said he would kill whoever he met before breakfast, which was their unfortunate fate.   (About the Clabbys, read pages 49-51 in the book)   It is free to read on the internet on either google book, link below, or at internet archive - both have search facilities so you can look up by place names, surnames, keywords.  I was then interested to understand a little better than the book provides about the  place names/time frame of all this; Clare Doyle, local expert with Ireland XO was of great help to me  with maps and located for me the useful summary about the Ormsbys at the page The three Clabbys are not mentioned in the heritage article by name but the incident is alluded to - apparently it is still remembered locally!


    Thursday 1st Dec 2016, 04:15PM

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