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My 3X Great grandfather was living in Carrontariff County Roscommon in 1828 according to The Tithe allotment. His wife was Bridget unknown.That's all we know about him.Also listed in The Tithe is Catherine Dillon who we have never been able to establish a relationship with Michael.Michael and Bridget had three son's who immigrated to Ametica.There may have been more children but we don't know.Granted that 1828 is a long time ago,but is there any other record's that we could use to find out more about Michael Dillon.
Robert Dillon


Saturday 19th Dec 2015, 04:51AM

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  • In my experience, when a woman is listed in the tithes as having land, she was nearly always a widow, with a life interest in the property. So in this case, Catherine could be a sister in law or similar relationship to Michael.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 19th Dec 2015, 05:25AM

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