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Hello, all.

I am looking for information on my grandmother Winifred Morrin from Seevness, Coolaney, Sligo. I think that makes it Killoran Parish, but I'm not sure, so please let me know if I am in the wrong place.

There are two Winnie Morrins listed in the Census of 1901 and 1911, one born about 1891 and the other about 1899. The two families lived in Seevness at House 5 and House 10, but the funny thing is, they seem to have traded houses with each other from one census to the other.

There are two listings at Ellis Island, for Winifred Morrin and Winfred Morrin. One was lined out, and both state their age as 25y and coming from Seevness, Coolaney. It could be the same person, the elder Winifred, correcting her information.

My Winifred Morrin states her age as 41 at the 1940 US Census (her husband James J. Brown from Pennsylvania also 41) which would make her the younger Winnie. My mom told me my nana was 84 when she died, but the only Winifred Brown I can find in New York at the right time period died at age 93.

My mother (Winifred's daughter) is named Margaret, same the elder Winnie's mother. My Aunt (Winifred's oldest daughter) is named Patricia, same as elder Winnie's father Patrick. My sister is Patricia also, named for my Aunt. My mom told me once that her mother Winifred had a sister named Catherine, but both families in Sligo houses 5 and 10 had a child named Kate as well.

Is there anyone who knows any descendants of the two families, if they were related and how? Did both Winifreds leave Ireland? I know my Winifred may have fibbed about her age, either to say she was older at Ellis, or younger for the 1940 US census.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me.



Friday 18th Jan 2013, 09:23AM

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    Hi Pam,


    Thank you for your message. You have some really great information here! I hope that someone recognises the families and can give you some answers to your questions.


    Perhaps you could also try contacting Sligo Heritage Centre -however a fee may apply. Here are their contact details:

    Co. Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Centre,

    Aras Reddan,

    Temple St.,


    Phone: +353 (0) 71 9143728   Email:


    Alternatively, you could try contacting the Sligo library for possible assistance. Here is a link to their local studies department?s web page:


    I hope that these suggestions are helpful.


    Kinds regards,


    Genealogy Support

    Emma Carty

    Tuesday 19th Mar 2013, 12:03PM
  • Hello


    Do you have any luck tracking down your Morrin ancestors?  My husband has Morrin ancestors from Scotland, but originally from Ireland.  Am having trouble tracking down which Parish they came from in Ireland.  I left a message on the general site and one or two people did try but didn't seem to have any luck.



    Wednesday 17th Dec 2014, 08:47PM
  • I might be of assistance re Winifred Morrin, Coolaney, Sligo

    Tuesday 14th Jul 2020, 11:32PM
  • I would like to make contact with Pam re Winifred Morrin from Slligo.

    Tuesday 14th Jul 2020, 11:45PM
  • Hello cathymorrin,

    I'm really sorry I didn't reply to you so many years ago. I haven't been on here in a long while; I just read the newsletters in my inbox.

    I did find some things, but have split into several directions as I am still stuck on figuring out which one is my Winnie. And to make things worse, there is a third Winifred Morrin in the 1901 census with the same birth year as one of the other two, but this lady was born in Swineford, Mayo. She might be the one from the Ellis Island record.

    There is also a Winifred Morrin who graduated from Galway College, but no indication of which Winnie she might be. I remember my mother telling me that Nana had been a nurse.

    I compiled a tiny amount of information on all three, but the Winnie from Mayo has the most documentation (a birth record and a record of her parents' marriage).

    I wish I had paid more attention when Nana and my mother would tell me stories about the family, but I was young.



    Tuesday 21st Jul 2020, 05:17AM
  • Hi, Pam

    I'm sorry I can't help you as I still have not managed to find out what part of Ireland my Morrin ancestor came from.  Maurice Morrin was born in Ireland but, by 1853, was in Scotland and getting married to a Marion Gilchrist.  No subsequent records indicate what part of Ireland he hailed from.  His father was Patrick Morrin and his mother was Alison Gribbon, according to his death registration.

    Good luck with your continued search.




    Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020, 05:07PM

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