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Hello - My main question i in the right Parish -- Killoran? I will work from oldest information to most recent information in order of discovery. My main point of research is my Great Grandfather Patrick Wynne. So here goes.....

1. Patrick Wynne died in New York City, New York 04 Aoril 1907. His death certificate listed his parents as John Wynne and Mary Henry.

2. Searching the LDS website (Family Search) i found a birth record extract where Patrick Wynne was born to John Wynne and Mary Henry on 07 Dec 1865.

Name: Patrick Wynne

Event Type: Birth

Event Date: 1865 Dec 07

Event Place: Tobercurry, Ireland

Registration Quarter and Year: 1865

Registration District: Tobercurry

Volume Number: 19

Page Number: 518

3. Also found on Family Search a marriage extract record citing John Wynne and Mary Henry married on 24 Jan 1865

Name : John Wynne
Event Type :Marriage
Year 1865 Jan 24
Registration District : Tobercurry
Volume : 4 

Page Number : 667

4. Ordered the birth and marriage records from the GRO to find the following:

At the top of the GRO Marriage record it says Superintendent Registrars District: Tubbercurry; Registrars District: Coolaney; Births Registered in the District of: Coolaney; in the Union of: Tubbercurry; in the County of: Sligo.

Patrick Wynne son of John and Mary nee Henry born 7 Dec 1865 Place of birth: Branchfeild, Branchfield, or Branchfild Mullinabruna

At the top of the GRO Birth record it says Marriage Solemnized at the Roman Catholic Chapel of: Mullinabruna; in the Registrars District of: Coolaney; in the Union of: Tubbercurry; in the County of: Sligo.

John Wynne son of Philip in Carnalie married Mary Henry daughter of Peter of Carnaden

So can anyone help to tell me if im in the right Parish of Killoran and if they recognize the locations of Mullinabruna Catholich Church, Branchfild, Carnalie, and/or Carnaden (would these be Towns)?



Wednesday 18th Dec 2013, 04:31PM

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  • I should think that Carnaden is what is otherwise known as Carrowneden. Griffiths Valuation for 1857 lists a Catherine Henery living there where she had a farmhouse, outbuildings and a half share in about 23 acres of farmland (plot 14a in Griffiths). She is probably a widow, and may be Mary?s mother. Was his father?s occupation a farmer?

    The farmhouse was still occupied by the Henry family in the 1901 census:

    That farm today is on a minor road between Cashel north and Carrowneden.

    Branchfield exists and is west of Drumfin on the N4 road south from Collooney. I don?t see any Wynne family there in Griffiths, so they evidently moved there after the marriage.

    You can see where these places are using the maps on Griffiths Valuation:

    In answer to your question as to whether they are villages, the answer is no, they are townlands. Mostly rural agricultural areas with, in this case, between 20 and 30 households.

    Mullaghnabreena (Mullinabruna) is a couple of miles south of Collooney, again on the N4.

    Carnalie may be Carnaree, which is close by, but I am not sure. It may need someone with local knowledge to say for certain.


    Place name spellings do vary in Ireland.

    Ahoghill Antrim

    Wednesday 18th Dec 2013, 08:14PM
  • Thank you many times over for your reply. As I may have said before this is my first foray into researching  Irish family, records, and locations. I do appreciate you pointing me to areas of research I have not run across yet. I will look closely at your recommendations. As a matter of fact Mary Henry's father, Peter, is listed as a farmer while John Wynne and his father, Philip, are both listed as servants. I suppose the profession of servant is meant to be farm servant but it only says servant. It is amazing how much more information is givin in the actual GRO photocopy than what one gets from an extract. It opens up many more areas of inquisition!

    Thanks again, 

    Peter Wynne


    Wednesday 18th Dec 2013, 08:35PM
  • Peter,

    It?s helpful that you have given the occupations. Farmers were nearly all listed in Griffiths, and they tended to stay put (because you don?t move willingly if you have invested years improving a farm, whereas a servant or farm labourer has no such ties). There?s only the 1 Henry farm in Griffiths in Carrowneden, so I?d say there?s a strong chance that this is the right one for your family.

    Griffiths Valuation only lists heads of household and so family and servants don?t get listed. In addition, servants sometimes move around regularly according to the work, so that also makes them harder to locate. On a farm, farm workers tended to be described as labourers/agricultural labourers, and sometimes weavers (depending on where in Ireland they lived). A servant to me would suggest someone working in a big house or an inn rather than a farm, but I could be wrong.

    The tithe applotment records for Carrowneden in 1827 list 2 samll famrs held by Henrys. One was 5 acres and held by John Henry; the other just under 4 acres was jointly held by Thomas Henry and James McGowan.

    Yes, I agree the on-line transcripts whilst being helpful and immediate, do not contain all the detail you get on the original certificates. There are also quite a lot of transcription mistakes and so getting the original overcomes that snag too. (Your cheapest option is to get photocopies from GRO Roscommon as these only cost 4 euros).



    Ahoghill Antrim

    Thursday 19th Dec 2013, 10:41AM
  • Elwyn - When i browse through the Tithe Applotment records i am seeing the location entry for Thomas Henry and John Henry as Achrony (Mullinabreena) Carrowneden. I think Mullinabreena is the Catholic Parish which is why it is listed in paranthesis. At the top of the GRO Marriage record it says Marriage Solemnized at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Mullinabruna; in the Registrars District of: Coolaney; in the Union of: Tubbercurry; in the County of: Sligo. 

    This would lend credence that Carnaden is, in fact, Carrowneden which would pinpoint one of the locations. I can’t imagine that the placename Carnalie would be far apart from Carrowneden unless the Church they attended was situated somewhere in between. I see a Sacred Heart Catholic Church that says they are located in Mullinabreena, Achonry Diocese and i am thinking this church is located about 6 km from Carrownaden and i was wondering if you know of this Sacred Heart church and if it is the same one referenced on the marriage certificate?

    I do find a Mark Wynne landowner in Achonry-Mullinabreena in the townland of Carowrile (Corrowreilly) which reflects tithe records of 1827. This is a guess on my part since the marriage record dating 1865 shows the Wynnes as Servants. I suppose that John and Mary could have met as children/teens in Achonry-Mullinabreena but the Wynnes lost their land through the years and moved to a different placename.

    I also have the birth certificate of my Great Grandfather Patrick (son of John and Mary) dated Dec 1865 and it shows the father as a Laborer in Branchfield Mullinabruna which i do find Branchfield very near Carrowneden (less than a mile apart) on the Griffith maps.  I suppose i could also surmise that John was a Servant on the Henry farm in Carrowneden during earlier years and thats how he met Mary. That would make sense to me if true since, as you say, the Wynnes may have moved around.

    I believe i am in the right county (Sligo), Civil Parish (Achrony), Church Parish (Mullinabreena), and Townland (Carrowneden) but i feel like i am getting confused with decipering registrars districts, civil parishes, church parishes, and Diocese. If i could pinpoint the exact location of the Mullinabruna Catholic Church that might help me. 

    Thanks again for your help and suggestions.




    Saturday 21st Dec 2013, 03:33PM
  • Peter,

    Your theory about the Mark Wynne being your Wynne family is possible. I have no real way of determining. What I would say is that Griffiths and the tithe applotment records only listed people with tithable land. I can?t remember how many entries there are in Griffiths. It?s maybe two or three hundred thousand but that?s out of a population of about 6 million people in 1841. And, as we have already touched on, it only lists heads of households. So servants, guests, people in tiny cottages with no land etc were not listed. In fact, the majority of the population weren?t listed. You also get interesting anomalies. I recently came across a case where the tenant was living in Australia and had sublet to someone else. So the tenants name appears in Griffiths (even though he was in Australia) and the actual occupant?s name does not. Wynne/Winn is a pretty common name in Sligo, so there?s a fair chance that Mark is a different family.

    Mullinabruna is not a parish name. The RC and the civil parish names are both Achonry. Mullinabreena (modern spelling) is simply where the church is, and how some people refer to it. It?s one of the parish churches in Achonry RC parish. (There are at least 2). It?s about a mile south of Collooney, in the townland of Mullaghnabreena. See:




    Ahoghill Antrim

    Saturday 21st Dec 2013, 04:12PM
  • Elwyn,

    I found this information in the Sligo Record of Protected Structures (dated May 2011). Carrowntawa, Lavagh I find about 4 km due south of Carrowneden. This makes sense that this is my Roman Catholic Church of Mullinabruna shown on the marriage certificate although this might a slightly newer structure than the 1865 marriage one. Thank you very much for your assistance. Peter


    Name and dating: Sacred Heart Church (RC) 1880-1890

    NIAH Reg. No 32403203 Rating: Regional

    Address: Carrowntawa, Lavagh (Mullinabreenna), Tobercurry

    Ordnance Maps Grid References: E155-172 N317-584


    Sunday 22nd Dec 2013, 04:25PM
  • Hello there, I also have Wynne ancestors from Mulinabreena. I m headed there this yer. I was recently provided with a map of where my Wynne and Waters ancestors may have lived not far from the Achonry Creamery. My 4x great grandfather Hugh Waters married Catharine Wynne, potentially 1790-1800..My 3 x great grandfather Laurence Waters immigrated here to Ontario, Canada and in 1842 married Anne Wynne.


    Friday 17th Jan 2020, 03:24AM
  • Melplav, Keep us posted on what you find. I visited that area around Tubbercurry and Lavaugh in 2015 and discovered my Wynne heritage. Peter





    Friday 17th Jan 2020, 09:44PM
  • Hi Peter

    I've been researching my Henry ancestors in Sligo Ireland for quite a few years. I just got back from Sligo Ireland on 2/26/2021. I found my Great Grandparents grave,Michael and Catherine Henry of Cashel North Branchfield, in Civil Parish of Achonry, in the Barony of Leyny, in the County of Sligo. I found them in Court Abbey cemetery in Carrownaworan Lavagh, County Sligo. I aslo found the church Sacred Heart,Mullinabreena in Loughill, Co. Sligo, Ireland ( A 10 min walk from my Great grandparents place at Cashel North . While I was walking the cemetery ( I searched all nearby cemeteries and got lucky at Court Abbey and found my grandparents ) I came across a Patrick Wynne headstone. When I saw this I knew I'd seen this name before and finally figured out it was from this thread I saw years ago.. so I took a pic. Not sure if you have already journeyed there? But I hope it helps you if you haven't or might help someone else.

    Christopher Henry

    Henry of Cashel North

    Sunday 27th Feb 2022, 02:57PM
  • Attached Files
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    Hi Christopher


    Thank you for posting your travel and photos. I made the trip to that exact same area in 2017 where i met relatives of my Wynne ancestors in the Lavagh church. I also was in that cemetery and was told that Patrick Wynne was the son of my Great-Grandfathers brother, Michael Wynne.

    Its nice to see you have found connections as well.

    All the best,

    Peter Wynne 


    Monday 28th Feb 2022, 10:25PM

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