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    I am trying to find out more about my Great Grandfather Patrick Joseph Pollard. I know that he was born in Tipperary about 1840-1850 timeframe. He emigrated to the US sometime prior to 1872 as he first shows up in Lexington Ky. as he enlisted in the US Army. Family lore passed down said he was a "horseman' from County Tipperary. No way to really validate the family stories passed along as all those that would have heard it have long passed on now.  The story does have some validity as Patrick was stationed for 8 years out in the Wyoming Territories until 1881. Another family story was that he was an acquanted with "Buffalo Bill" of western fame. That perhaps is also possible since the Forts Patrick was stationed at were the same as when Buffalo Bill was a Scout for the Army and stayed at the same Forts.

   I know of one confirmed brother, William Pollard who also emigrated to the US but no confirmed date. William was in Brooklyn and in business together first in 1888. 

Patrick married Anne McNamara in Brooklyn NY around 1885 timeframe. It was said that she was from County Claire. Little is know of her family background. 

Patrick and Anne's first born was named Anastasia Loretta Pollard. Second Born was a boy named Robert Emett Pollard. Third Child was named Hilda Pollard. All born in Brooklyn, NY. 
   I am assuming due to normal child naming conventions of that day for Irish families that Anastasia is also likely to be the name of Patrick's Mother's name back in Tipperary. 

  I have done some research over the years and even did some of the Ballingary microfilm transcriptions for the original Tipperary Rootsweb group specifically for streets that had significant number of Pollard families associated with it. That was likely 20 years ago. 

    I have a strong belief that Patrick was born in or around Ballingary, Cty Tipp. or one of the nearby village called Tinnock. 

I am not certain of this but past research leans toward this. I am wondering if anyone who has researched the Pollard family name in or around Ballingary for the timeframes of 1820- 1880 might be able to help me close the gaps and make more solid connections rather than speculation based on "close" evidence.

  Patrick and Anne died within months of each other at the end of 1899 and early 1900. They left the children orphaned but the estate  had enough form Patrick's businesses in Liquors and Saloons and a small hotel and there residence. The daughters were boarded at a Catholic academy at the very eastern part of Long Island. Robert was at an Academy of the Sacred Heart run by the diocese in Queens. The girls remained there until age of 18 and they were given very extensive education for the girls including many foreign languages.

    When the oldest, Anastasia was 18 she returned to Brooklyn and discovered that Patrick's estate was now completely depleted according to his attorneys that were the executors of his estate and guardians of the children.   

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Patrick Pollard, Douglas Ma. USA  


Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 07:47PM

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    Hi Patrick, offers a number of Pollard family names for Tipperary, however two listings, one for Patrick Pollard and the other for a William Pollard born to the same parents Patrick Pollard and Catherine Corcoran maybe the family you are looking for.


    Paul Morris


    NAME: William Pollard
    EVENT TYPE: Baptism
    BIRTH DATE: 1846
    BAPTISM DATE: 12 Sep 1846
    BAPTISM PLACE: Ballingarry, Tipperary, Ireland
    DIOCESE: Cashel and Emly
    FATHER: Patt Pollard

    Cathe Corcoran


    NAME: Patrick Pollard
    EVENT TYPE: Baptism
    BIRTH DATE: 1840
    BAPTISM DATE: 5 Apr 1840
    BAPTISM PLACE: Ballingarry, Tipperary, Ireland
    RESIDENCE PLACE: Pollards Tinnock
    DIOCESE: Cashel and Emly
    FATHER: Patk Pollard
    MOTHER: Cathe Corkeran



    PaulM, Longford Volunteer ☘️

    Sunday 25th Sep 2022, 08:30PM

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