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My husband's great grandmother, Alice Elizabeth Kennedy was baptized 24 May 1847 in the parish of Ballyneil.  It is said she was from the "Kennedy farm" in Clonmel.  I believe her parents were Patrick and Ann Kennedy.  We will be travellng to Ireland Sep 2023 and will be staying near Clonmel the first two nights (9/7 & 8).  I was wondering if there is any information about where in Clonmel the family lived.  I am hopeless trying to decipher Irish genealogy/records!  Many thanks!

ps I believe Alice came to Boston @ 1864 and married Richard A Cunningham in 1867 (he was from Drogheda)

Chris Murphy Delano

Wednesday 7th Sep 2022, 02:34AM

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  • Hi Chris,
    Alice was Baptised the 11th May.   Father was Patrick and Mother was Ann Shea. Is this correct? 
    Have you got her Baptism record?
    Have you got her travel record to the USA?
    Also her married to Richard A Cunningham.
    If you have can you upload them please.

    There are a few trees in Ancestry I have seen one ship record in1864, parents and children, did she have a sister called Cath and a brother called Dan?
    Let me know if they all went to the USA.



    Thursday 8th Sep 2022, 10:30AM
  • Hi Margot.. sorry for the delay in responding, for some reason I was having trouble logging in

    This is all that I know about Alice Elizabeth (Kennedy) Cunningham

    * born 24 ay 1847 and was baptized in the parish of Ballyneill.  It was said she lived on the "Kennedy Farm", lived in Clonmel near Carrick an Suir , her parents were Patrick and Mary Kennedy.  (this was information from a family member who has done a lot of research.  I do not have a baptismal or birth record

    *. I believe Alice (16) emigrated and arrived in New York 5 Sep 1864 aboard the ship Hibernia.  Listed were Pat Kennedy (50) laborer b. Ireland, wife Ann (55),  Alice (16), Cath (14) and Dan (11). Later US census records confirm she immigrated 1864

    * I believe she married Richard A Cunningham (from Lough) about 1867 (according to 1900 census saying she was married 33 yrs)

    * I believe her sister Catherine died 19 June 1868 in Somerville, MA, US of TB, daughter of Pat & Ann Kennedy age 19 years, 4 mos, 12 days  putting her dob @ 7 Feb 1849

    *.  1870 US census: Alice (21) & Richard (35) Cunningham were living with her parents Patrick (50) & Ann (55) Kennedy   along with 3 of Alice & Richard's children (Ann,2; Kate, 1; Joseph, 6 mos) and a Margaret O'Neill (10)

    *  1880 US census: Richard (40) & Alice (32) living with 5 children and Ann Kennedy (50, "servant". missing one arm)....not sure how she is related

    *. 1900 US census:  Alice was born Apr 1847, age 53,  married 33 yrs. , had 15 children/11 living; immigrated 1864

    *. 1920 US census: naturalized 1875

    * died 29 June 1921, in Lynn MA,US at age 74

    Hoping some of this information helps.  Anything you can find would be great!!




    Chris Murphy Delano

    Tuesday 13th Sep 2022, 06:21PM
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    Hi Chris, Thanks for confirming I had the correct family.

    This is the Ballyneale early Church records where I found Alice.   Names are in Latin. Ballyneale is on the border of Tipperay and Waterford and some Diocese cross on Parishes.
    That's why its handy to have a map 
    Ballyneale, Waterford and Lismore - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI

    The page where I found Alice I have uploaded it......... left hand page.....look for 11.

    This a Patrick Kennedy in Griffiths Valuation in 1850.  (only one in Carrick) It says position on page 47.  It may take me a bit of time to find it, I will have to come back to you.
    I must add, at this time it is so hard to get records unless you know the names of areas.   
    Griffith's Valuation (



    Wednesday 14th Sep 2022, 04:00PM
  • Hi Chris,     
    This link see below,  when you open it you will see a white circle, inside you will see a red square.
    Zoom in slowly and you will a lot of red lines and grey, this is Carrick on Suir. Go to the left where you will see the red vertical line of the square, go up to the corner of the red square look up a little and you will 13 a and b in red. Just up above there is some black writing...RC Chapel, then left you will see Ballyneil.  (different spellings) 
    I couldn't find position 47 so I used the map reference 3  7.
    Just below the Chapel you will see 3b and next to it is 7 where there is a lot of trees. Looks like that this is where the Patrick Kennedy lived.

    At the top of the map there is a scale, keep looking at the Chapel and move the slider to modern map. This is how it is today.     If you zoom out you will get a better picture of where you are.
    Griffith's Valuation (
    When you get over to Ireland just ask people or the Church do they know where the Kennedy Farm is or was.


    Wednesday 14th Sep 2022, 05:12PM
  • Margot, Thanks so very very much!  I do not understand Griffith's but with the map I believe I was able to find #7 where you believe their farm was.  I think I can see the area on the modern map.  SO EXCITED.  We will be staying (I believe) in the Glasha farmhouse 30 min away for 2 nights and hope we can get near the area while ther

    Many many thanks!

    ps. where would I find Patrick and Ann Shea's marriage record?

    Chris Murphy Delano

    Thursday 15th Sep 2022, 02:38AM
  • Sorry, only births in those Church records for that Parish.
    Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI
    What I do in this site above, go left and right to the next Parish, it takes time, but if you would like to go to ............
    Irish Roots - Irish Genealogy (
    Join for a month you can search by names. Make sure you print anything off that you find, if you save them in the site after the month you have to pay again to access any saved records.
    You have to look at all sites as not all sites have the same information.
    Just ask local people when you are there, they will help you.
    Have a great time.


    Thursday 15th Sep 2022, 09:48AM

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