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Hi.  We are hoping to travel to Ireland Sep 2023 and will be in Tipperary. My 4th great grandparents were Dennis Fenton (b @. 1773 and Elizabeth Hand b @ 1777 in Tipperary. According t Punch "Erin's Sons:  Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada". Dennis was working for the British Navy as a carpenter by 1804 in Halifax NS.  I believe he had at least 4 children John Fenton (b@ 1793, Dennis Fenton (b @1799 Clashmore, Tipperary, and Margaret (b @ 1800 in Nova Scotia, Sarah (b @ 1813 Nova Scotia)

Can anyone help me locate records before they left Ireland, or information about where in Tipperary they lived.

many thanks

Chris Murphy Delano

Chris Murphy Delano

Thursday 15th Sep 2022, 07:39PM

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  • Chris:

    There is no official townland in Co. Tipperary called Clashmore although it is possible there is/was a local placename called Clashmore. There is a village and civil parish in western Co. Waterford called Clashmore  The related RC parish is called Clashmore and Kinsalebeg. Records for this parish start in 1810.

    I did search the subscription site Roots Ireland for all of Ireland but did not find any Fenton baptismal records with father Denis in the late 1700s.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 15th Sep 2022, 09:27PM
  • thank you for your help

    Chris Murphy Delano

    Friday 16th Sep 2022, 01:26AM
  • Cris,

    To add to Roger's Post, I attach records of the Surname Fenton in Clashmore - Co. Waterford which is North East of Youghal in Co. Cork.

    The Surname Hand is in Co. Cork, some in East County Cork, so it is possible that Dennis and Elizabeth were from the same general area?

    Credit:  Subscription site and for Tithe Record.

    A check for the Surnames Fenton and Hand c1800 in County Tipperary in the Tithe Records was negative.



    Friday 16th Sep 2022, 07:58AM

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