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My ancestor John Brindley (1810-1874) married in Templederry Mary Costello July 31st 1847.  

In the Griffith's valuation I can see him, his brother Samuel, and I presumed his father John Brindley Esq renting lands, houses, offices from Lord Donally and Reverend Dean. Coolagh, Kilmore, Sragh, Ballyquiveen, Ballincur. They were in grain milling industry.  

My question is:  What Esquire means back in that time?  Where and how did he  this received this title?  By his father, maybe?  Because there is also a Samuel Brindley and a Samuel Brindley Esq.  But how can i find how the father received this title? And as Esquire, did he have any responsibilities, duties to the Crown? And the responsibilities to the people they rent the land?

Is Lord Dunally and the Very Reverend Dean owned all those lands?




Tuesday 18th Oct 2022, 04:00PM

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    The above article gives a good idea of the use of Esquire.


    Tuesday 18th Oct 2022, 05:46PM
  • Thank you Patricia,

    I've seen that one but I wasn't sure it would apply for Ireland.


    Wednesday 19th Oct 2022, 01:20AM
  • Ireland at the time was governed by the British, so I believe the info applies to Ireland too.


    Thursday 20th Oct 2022, 03:22PM
  • Thank you Patricia.

    I will try to sort it out through all the John Brindley (esq or not) and Samuel Brindley (Esq or not).

    Maybe the Samuel Brindley esq was his father and not his brother and it<s how he acquire the title.  They were farmers, so not noble, not judges or lawyer.  Maybe they acquire the title from the army.

    Thank you again for your presence on this board.  You always have an answer to help




    Friday 21st Oct 2022, 03:55PM

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