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I have been researching my family's tree, and it gets confusing as there are many Johns! Nonetheless, so far, I have made it up to:

- Joseph 'Wee Harry' Henry O'Neill (1893–1974), (who was married to Sarah Mcevoy (1899–1978). They were both from Ardboe, Tyrone)

- He was the son of John O'Neill (1852–1870) (who was married to Sarah Jane Coyle (1860–1901). Again, both from Ardboe, Tyrone) 

- He was the son of John O'Neill (1922–1893) (who was married to Mary Jane Laverty (1830–1914). Both were from Ardboe again but migrated to Yorkshire, England, where I believe he gained an assault charge against Mary. They both passed in Yorkshire)

- Finally, he was the son of John O'Neill (1796–1871) (who I believe was married to Margaret Campbell (1799–1880). I know they were from Tyrone, but I cannot pin down exactly where)

However, I cannot find either the last mentioned John O'Neill's or Margaret Campbell's parents, which I would love to do if possible. Also, if anybody has recommendations on how to find photos of family members from my tree, that would be incredible. I have found photos of Sarah Jane Coyle and Mary Jane Laverty, but I would love to find any photos of other ancestors!

Additionally, I have found Sarah Jane Coyle's parents, Francis Coyle (1838-1922) and Helen French (1839-1918). And Francis Coyle's parents James Coyle (1803-1870) and Teresa Devlin (1818-1883), who I would love to find information about too, if at all possible!

I have attached a copy of my family tree with dates as I find this easier to look at and ascertain who is related to who.

All the best!


Sunday 3rd Dec 2023, 04:16PM

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  • Could this be the couple you are seeking?


    Marriage, 26-Apr-1826                  

    Parish / District: LISSAN                

    County: TYRONE

    Name:   John      O'Neil                  

    Margaret             Campbell                                         

    Witness 1                           Witness 2

    Name:   Thomas Coy                       Thomas Coy




    Sunday 3rd Dec 2023, 07:54PM
  • It could well be! Thank you for finding that :)


    Friday 15th Dec 2023, 10:30AM

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