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I am looking for any info on Moore from Drumrawn. The earliest I have is Arthur Moore 1802-1882 married to Mary Simpson 1806-1869. They have children Margaret, Thomas and Mary Ann.
Margaret married Arthur Moore from Drumbarley(father John Moore) , Thomas married Ann Allen and Mary Ann married James Scott.

I have info on some that moved to Scotland.
If anyone has info on this family, that would be great.


Wednesday 10th Jan 2018, 10:09PM

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  • Griffiths Valuation for 1860 lists Arthur Moore in Drumrawn. He had plot 2 which was a 12 acre farm. That farm today is on a little lane between the Drumrawn Rd and the Claragh Rd, about a mile east of Drumquin.

    I notice from Arthur’s death certificate that the informant was Joseph Fyffe, son-in-law, also of Drumrawn, suggesting that Arthur must have had a daughter who married a Fyffe.

    From that I found this marriage between Joseph Fyffe & Rebecca Moore on 13.10.1870. I note that the marriage was in the Church of `Ireland. Tradition being to marry in the bride’s church, that’d suggest the Moore family were Church of Ireland.

    Here’s Joseph & Rebecca in the 1901 census:…


    Note that they had 7 children, 6 of whom were still alive in 1911. (You can trace them easily enough on the GRONI or the irishgenealogy sites).

    Unfortunately Langfield East Church of Ireland has no early baptism records (they were destroyed in the 1922 fire in Dublin) so you won’t be able to check them for baptisms for the Moore children. Marriages start in 1845 but no baptisms or burials before 1893.

    I noticed this probate abstract for a Moore in Drumrawn. I have no idea if it is connected with your family. He died intestate but the probate file should be in PRONI in paper format.

    Administration of the Estate of Joseph Moore late of Drumrawn County Tyrone Farmer who died 30 June 1921 granted at Belfast to William James Moore Farmer Effects £95

    There were no Moores in Drumrawn in the censuses in 1901 or 1911, so it may just be a coincidence. Looking at the revaluation records he acquired plot 23 (33 acres) in Drumrawn in 1913 and was replaced by William in 1922. William’s name remains as owner when those records finish in 1929. The family had the freehold having bought it under the Land Act (ie with a Government mortgage).

    The Valuation revision records for Drumrawn show that after Arthur’s death in 1882, his land was taken over by John Harper who farmed next door on plot 3, but that 3 houses on the old Moore farm were then occupied by Johnston Roulston (plot 3a), James Moore (plot 3b) & Thomas Moore  (plot 3c) respectively. (Thomas you already know about but is James another son?). The Revision records show Johnston Roulston deleted in 1903 with the property noted as “house down”. Likewise for James Moore, also down in 1903, but Thomas Moore’s is still in his name then but with a note saying occupied by Alick McGorman.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 11th Jan 2018, 09:27AM
  • Thanks Elwyn.

    That was quite a bit of work in a short time. It's a bit to go through.

    I have some of that info already, and probably should have put it up, although wansn't quite sure how much to put up. I will try and do up some family group sheets and upload them.

    There was a daughter Rebecca married Joseph Fyffe. Joseph died in Carony, Drumquin and Rebecca listed as Drumquin.

    There was a son James abt1834-1905, married Agnes Ross. I don't see any Joseph or William on my tree but that's not to say they aren't related; I'll look into that.

    The daughter, Margaret, moved to Scotland with husband Arthur Moore (Drumbarley). This is where I am descended from. They were mostly miners and settled in the West Lothian area. Her busband, Arthur, moved back to Mullagham where he died 1919, at the house of his future daughter-in-Law, named Mellin.

    Those Valuation books are a great resourse and I'll go through them.

    Thanks Again,




    Saturday 13th Jan 2018, 02:51PM
  • Hi John,

    Some additional (belated) information, if you are still interested.

    Mary Moore and James Scott had a daughter, Mary Jane.  She married James Leviston in 1871 at the Parish Chursh in Upper Langfield (Longfield) Drumrawn. She was 15 or 16, he was around 30 years old. (see Ireland Civil Registrations). An ‘Arthur Moore’ was one of the witnesses.

    Mary and James then had 3 children who didn’t survive. I have found 2 of them, both born in 1873, but not the 3rd. They seem to have lived in the Longfield East and Longfield West parishes.

    Mary and James Leviston (now called Livingston/e) emigrated to Sydney, Australia and she had their 4th and surviving child in July 1876 at Surry Hills, Sydney. He was named William James Montgomery Livingston.

    Mary tragically contracted typhoid a year later and died in November, 1877 at the age of 23.  She is buried in Rookwood Cemetery where her sister-in law erected a fairly big gravestone on her grave a number of years later. James later married Fanny McClintock and went onto have 5 more children. When James died in 1913, William was the informant on his father’s death certificate.

    William married in 1904 to Mary Alexander. They had at least 4 children . He died in December 1940 in Manly, Sydney.

    And so the generations continue on ………


    All the best with the research



    Saturday 10th Feb 2024, 02:51AM

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