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Good Morning!  I am looking for information about my husband's family. He is directly descended from William Mebane (Meben, Mavin, Niven), b.1665 in Ulster, Ireland; m. Marcelina Oddson, b. 1670 in Ulster, Ireland to Icelandic parents, Valdimar Oddson & Stefania Torfadottir .

Their only child, William Mebane (Meben), b. 1682 in Ulster, d. <1750 in Pennsylvania, USA; m. Mary Louey and his family moved to Lancaster County in Pennsylvania between 1744 & 1751.

Mary Louey, b. 1698 in Ulster, d. 1755 Lancaster, PA

I can go forward from here to my husband's birth but no further backwards. It would be nice to know more about our family before 1665, if possible, and other connections like the one to Iceland.  We would like to plan a visit to meet distant cousins and family that may still be living in the area.

Thank you for any help!

Kind regards,

Dana Bolick Mebane




Friday 22nd Aug 2014, 04:36PM

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  • Dana,

    There are no Oddson (and variant) households in the 1901 Irish census, so I?d say that line may have died out.

    The only Mebin families I could see were in Killyneedan, Annaghananam & Tullylaghan  Co Tyrone (All in the parish of Desertcreat). All were Presbyterian (indicating Scottish origins, typically at the time of the Plantation in the 1600s).

    If you get no other leads, you could try around those three townlands. However there are no church records for the 1600s there, as far as I am aware, and so you are unlikely to be able to confirm your information from those sources. I?d also be very surprised if any local families knew their own history back to the 1600s. But good luck anyway.



    Ahoghill Antrim

    Sunday 24th Aug 2014, 12:16PM
  • I am in Virginia, USA, and am a descendant of William and Mary Mebane.Thier granddaughter, Isabella, married William Cusick. Their daughter, Polly, married Robert Rankin, a soldier of the American Revolution. Robert Rankin is my 4th great-grandfather.

    I've found rumor that Mebane was from lowland Scotland, but have been unable to confirm it. I have found Stephania's parents as Torfi Jonsson and Marja Bjarnadottir.

    I've found nothing on Valdimar Oddson's lineage, and would certainly like to learn more about his line, as well as Mebane's.

    Clayton Shepherd


    Monday 31st Oct 2016, 04:44PM

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