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I am searching for any information on the Fanning Family (c 1840) in Enniscorthy. John & Ellen (nee Donohoe) Children Brigid, Mary, James, Margaret, Mary, and John. Found them all in 1842 but not before or after. John emigrated to Canada in 1856 then to US in 1865.John married Bridget Murphy in Toronto, Canada in 1865. Have lost track of the rest. Not sure if they went TO Enniscorthy from another place and/or left there after 1845? Aforementioned Sacramental Information was gained thru personal visit to St. Aiden's Catholic Church in 1988 on their family baptisms and marriages . Ellen's maiden name is Donohoe, father is John, mother Mary. 

Bridgid Fanning married Peter Bradshaw and had a daughter Mary Bradshaw in 1846.First Mary F died as a child, second Mary married a Francis Kinsella.   Haven't been able to track any of them via computer records, LDS, etc. My DNA test indicated that Edmund Fanning (who came to America 1600's) is in the line but can't make the connection with his family (Dominick) from Limerick, Ireland. Not all of Edmund's family came to the US so someone stayed behind. Looking for the missing links or an avenue to get to them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Other associated family names are Murphy, McDonald, and Rooney (Roney). More information is available.

Thanks in advance

Jim Fanning


Thursday 11th Jan 2024, 01:47PM

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  • Jim:

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has a March 2 1829 marriage in Enniscorthy between John Fanning and Ellen Donohoe. I also see the six baptismal records for the children you mention from 1830-1842.

    I will see if I can find other info on the next day or so.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 12th Jan 2024, 12:27PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thanks for posting a reply to my query. The information you posted was what we found at St Aiden's back in 1988 during a trip there. It has since been available online. My query indicates that we have the info along with marriages and baptisms of both the Bradshaw and Kinsella children. After those, I seem to lose all of the family except for John Jr (1842) who emigrated to Canada and eventually the USA. I have a lot of info on him except how/where he emigrated from and exactly where he landed - Canada or the USA and what year.

    In addition, I am looking for ancestral info on John Fanning. I know he married Ellen Donohoe in 1829, but do not know where he came from, historical data, etc. I suspect he may have come from the Limerick/Tipperary area or was a part of the families who were transplanted as a part of the Cromwell relocation of the Fannings from Limerick. Hard to know. My DNA test came back as a bloodline relative of the Edmund Fanning who fled Ireland in the 1600's for America. Most of that family fled to the USA, but someone had stayed behind to continue the DNA pattern as my John Fanning's family never left Ireland until John Jr in 1856.I understand there is a parish and graveyard in NW Ireland that has some Fanning's in it but I haven't found any living people in the area. It is a conundrum for sure.

    Thanks for your efforts and response.



    Saturday 13th Jan 2024, 02:44PM

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