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Hi I will be in Co Wicklow on 26 October and plan to visit Tinahely, Carnew and Roundwood looking for RIC barracks where my g g grandfather was based between 1830 and 1844, He married a local girl in Kilcommon church Tinahely in 1832 named Eliza Cavanagh who had parents Richard Cavanagh and Sarah Hopkins - seeking any info I can find on them

Hope someone gets back to me

Pat Jones

Friday 7th Oct 2016, 08:33PM

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  • The was an R.I.C. Barracks in the town of Tinahely, it was head of a sub-divison for the area which at one time included stations at Aughrim, Carnew & Shillelagh etc. In the 1840s the station seems to have been in the centre of the town almost opposite the Court House see OSI Map the later c1890 OSI show the courth house at a new location and combined with the Constabulary Barracks see here.

    The Library on Pearse Street in Dublin City have films of the R.I.C. record, I believe the National Archives also hold copies, which would show some details, promotions, disciplinary measure, counties served in etc on your g g grandfather's service, also his county of birth. He would not usually have been permitted to serve in his county of origin so likely born elsewhere, he also would have had to move after the marriage since his wife was born in the county.

    The building currently in the Dwyer square (formerly Market Square) in Tinahely may be the old court house and the later couthouse building now seems to be an Arts Centre, there may be something of the newer barracks still in place on this site. The older barracks would have been somewhere along this row of buildings on the North East of the 'square' (Google StreetView)


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 8th Oct 2016, 12:28PM
  • Many thanks for this info - sadly his police record did not go across when RIC was formed - he would have been County constabulary prior to this although I did find his pension records at Kew - I put together hispolice transfers career from the baptisms of his children, some in Tinahely at Kilcommon parish and some at Carnew All Saints then I believe he was transferred to Roundwood but I believe the baptism records there were destroyed in the fire of 1922

    The info you have given me tho does enable me to pinpoint the streets he would have walked - he married in 1832 at Kilcommon to an Elizabeth Cavanagh daughter of Richard and Sarah (Hopkins) so hopefully I might be ablee to locate where they lived via some records - Its all a shot int he dark but hopefully I will find out some snippet of info that helps build the whole picture - anywhere you can recommend for lunch?


    Sunday 9th Oct 2016, 08:09AM
  • Just wondered if anyone knows of any COI Cavanaghs in the Kilcommon parish area that may be descended from Richard Cavanagh and Sarah Hopkins Cavanagh - they are as far back as I have managed with my tree in this line and would love to find more info

    Many thanks

    Pat Jones

    Thursday 4th May 2017, 06:17AM
  • Pat,


    I have sent you an email but will put my information here...

    Richard Cavenagh c1778 held 22 acres on sublease from Byrne in about 1827 to 1850.  I "think" it was is son Richard who married Sarah Hopkins about 1816.   I "believe: She was a daughter of a Charles Hopkins, who I 'thnk" was Charles Hopkins circa 1771 of Corndog

    Sunday 1st Apr 2018, 03:27AM

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