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Could you please help me with obtaining a translation / interpretation of the handwriting in a parish, Avoca / Newbridge / Redcross, Wicklow microfilm.

Microfilm: 06476/08 for baptisms January 1792 to May 1792, in particular 21 April 1792, has a ? Moore of Denis Moore and Catherine Neil. I’m trying to decipher or get an opinion as to the child’s Christian name. Attached is a screen shot of the record.

In my search of the Avoca / Newbridge parish microfilms I have found that Denis Moore married Catherine Niel, (08/10/1791) and there are at least 3 children, Margaret, (13/04/1794) and James, (18/06/1802). I’m hoping that the child of 21 April 1792 may be named John, as I’m trying to track down a John Moore / Moor who married Honora Gafney in Avoca on 22/11/1818. Honora was born, 04/03/1799 in Avoca, to Edward Gafney and Mary Byrne.

Thanks for your help.

Mark Moore.


Wednesday 18th May 2022, 04:59AM

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  • Mark:

    I don't think the name is John. One of the witnesses was a John Neil and the handwriting for that John is very clear nothing like the child's name. For your information, the subscription site Roots Ireland transcribed the name in question as Theo. 

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 18th May 2022, 03:33PM
  • Thanks for your help.

    I have a few questions with regards to naming traditions:

    • Are marriage witnesses likely to be siblings, or parents of the bride and groom?
    • Are baptism sponsors likely to be siblings of the mother and father?
    • Do families tend to strictly follow the family christian naming tradition, rather than introduce new / other names?

    There are a number of Moore names in the Avoca / Newbridge church records with similar clusters of dates and names e.g. Denis, Michael, Patrick, Anne and James, all circa 1801/02, and then 1810s, 1820s to 1830s. I have been trying to fit / match them, and also looking at the witness / sponsor names, are they likely to be of the same family or related family groups?

    Thanks, Mark.



    Tuesday 24th May 2022, 05:05AM
  • Mark:

    Marriage witnesses normally would be siblings or friends. Baptismal sponsors generally would be siblings to the parents and if there were a lot of children maybe friends/neighbors.

    The naming pattern was not always rigidly followed.  I'll give you two examples from my family. My great-grandfather was Roger McDonnell, His father was John and his father in law was Charles Phillips. Roger had three sons. He named the oldest son Michael (he had a brother Michael). His second son was John (after his father)  and the third son my grandfather was Patrick. He did not have a son Charles.

    Another great-grandfather was Bernard Roddy. His father was Peter and his father in law was James. 

    His four sons were Peter (after his father), Martin (likely after a brother who had died, James after his father in law and then the youngest Bernard after himself.



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 24th May 2022, 08:37PM

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