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I am looking for anyone who related or knew anything of my family.

Jeremiah Mahoney, born in 1812 in Brandon, County Cork Ireland, he died in 1906. he married Catherine Brennan daughter of Michael and Alice Brennan. Catherine was born in Castlewarren, County Kilkenny, Ireland in 1829 and died in 1907 They had James, Michael, and Bridget.  Jeremiah Mahoney had a sister named Mary who married I believe Dennis Hooley in 1838 in Brandon.  Jeremiah migrated to Clinton County in 1843. I am interested to know if we are related anyone in Ireland and if I can trace our family tree from Jeremiah and further. In other words. Trace our family from 1812 on back in history. Also, I think our family may be linked to royality, but I am not able to connect the link as yet.

Friday 30th Nov 2012, 06:09PM

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