Every day, visitors are travelling through Parishes around Ireland and are unable to access key information that can engage them further in the activities of the area.

The IrelandXO Local Guide is a personalised list of business, services and visitor information that is managed directly by the local Parish. It is a free to use directory for your parish

Additions to the Local Guide can be easily made to any Parish in Ireland, simply by being a member of the Ireland Reaching Out website.

Benefits to the local community:

  1. Global visibility of local Parish goods, services, organizations and other resources

  2. Tailor-made targeting directly to the Parish’s global diaspora

  3. Convenient and Free way of listing Parish amenities, including contact details and other important information

  4. Networking opportunities amongst groups in the area

What kind of information can be included in the Local Guide?

Show your Parish Diaspora, both national and international, what your local area has to offer by making Parish information easy to find in the Local Guide:

  • Local businesses and organisations

  • Tourist Attractions

  • Historical places of interest

  • Local crafts, speciality foods and other local services

  • Tour Guide contact details and other personlised tourism services

  • Listing of places to eat and local accommodation

  • Church locations and service times

  • List useful information such as the local Post Office, Libraries, tourist office, internet access points etc.

Adding information to your Parish's Local Guide is easy.  Click on the Local Guide in your Ireland XO Parish menu or go to the Local Guide in the Ireland XO main community choose 'Add to guide' and follow the on screen instructions. All content is moderated by Ireland XO but your additions to the Parish Local Guide should be online within 72 hours.