Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Bridie grew up on her family farm - daughter of Patrick HENRY and Bridget SMYTHE. She was the 4th child of 9 children to this couple.

In 1916, she, along with 5 other young girls, and their accompanying priest, boarded the ‘Vila De Amia’ Ship bound for Australia. They arrived in Sydney, travelled west to Bathurst and were entered into the St Joseph’s Mount Convent. Prior to taking her final vows, she decided that this was not the life for her and left the convent. She was provided with  employment in Forbes, on a local farm “Pleasant View” where she assisted in everyday running of the household of a couple with their 5 young children. In time, the father (Thomas DWYER) passed away, just after the 6th child was born to this couple and she stayed on to help the mother (Lina DWYER).

Bridie eventually married a local farm hand - James AUSTIN in Molong NSW 7th March 1935. They went on to have a life travelling around Australia, raising their 4 children. Their eldest daughter, Mary, eventually married one of the children of the family that Bridie first worked for in Forbes - Patrick DWYER.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 29th Aug 1910
Date of Death 3rd Jul 1997

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