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1230bc  magh seireo in tethba which is the plain that circles the town of kells founded by fiacha fiachu finnailches findoilches 1230bc

1,230bc Gaelic Milesian xxxi 31st monarch eire  Fiftyeight ard ri na eireann fiacha finnailches

37th thirtyseventh generation***********209] 47iii 31 fiacha fiachu finnailches findoilches 1230bc son of 28 finnachta all the cattle or flowers of eire had white heads in his reign by him was built the fortress of cul sibrille cul sibrinni that is cenannas cenondas kells kenanus cenindas ceninnus cenunnus kenles ceneles  magh seireo in tethba which is the plain that circles the town of kells

it is he who appropriated exacted a tax of on the white headed cattle of eire thirty years 4 finnachta slanoll with grace and gede geide oilgothach ollgothach (uncle of?) fiachu ailill expert in arms with grace and the war warrior berngal  57 thirty years a fame that is not mean fiachu findoilches spent the king of cera of the trenches fell by berngall in the battle of breg fiachu fell and was killed at the hands of berngal son of geide gede ollgothachs in vengeance and revenge for his father Of fiacha the fourth and last reigning son of ollamh fodhla it is said that it was difficult for the stalk to sustain its corn during his reign grain did not stay on the stalk in his reign this observation is a figurative way of expressing the goodness of his rule and the prosperity of the country during fiachas administration  he was said to be the first ard ri king in eire to dig wells 254 findoll caisirni that is cisternae ie earth rending for he is the first person by whom of old the earth was dug to make a pit in which water was found at every time he founded cenanmis cenannus kells county meath was the name of every place where he set his habitation the stalk could scarce sustain its corn in his reign such was the wealth of his lands  lecan findoll cisirne 30 years he ruled for either twenty or thirty years his epithet findoilches means white or fair hidden one although some sources call him fiachu cendfinnan little white fair head perhaps confusing him with the much earlier fir bolg king of that name

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