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James Owens Death Certificate shows unknown father but mother's name was Alice McQuade, which is a bit odd as his wife was named Esther McQuade, so perhaps a mistake.
His death certificate says he was 83 years of age on May 30, 1918, so his birth year may have been 1835.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st May 1834 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 30th May 1918 VIEW SOURCE
Place of Death Lowell, Massachusetts
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  • He was an amazing man - to be sure.  Born more than 100 years before he died!



    Saturday 12th March 2022 10:02PM
  • :).  Yes he was.   And his woeful descendants are still struggling with supporting links to "FindAGrave".   I've tried a few times to over write the 2022 date without effect.    His actual birth date was either May 1834 or May 1837.    I am hoping to learn more about his family in Dromore Parish.   Believe his parents were James and Alice McQuade.    





    Saturday 12th March 2022 11:43PM
  • There is mention: "His actual birth date was either May 1834 or May 1837" . What is the source of those dates?

    Also, mention of "Dromore Parish".  What is the source? Is it meaning a Civil Parish or a church parish?  Which faith/church?  If you have the answers, work from there.

    The NLI (Nat.Lib.Ireland) has scanned life-event Register Books. The leading pages of the NLI site provides a map of Dioceses, and Church Parishes, with date range of available Catholic Church records. 

    If 1837 (or 1834) is not available, his birth/baptism record cannot be found.

    Hope this is helpful.


    Sunday 13th March 2022 12:32AM
  • To check where name 'Dromore' occurs, do this:



    Sunday 13th March 2022 12:38AM
  • I have provided more documentation and info to James Owens.  This was my first post, so I'm learning as I go.   Let me try to answer your helpful questions as well.    Source of birth date (s) comes from Naturalization and Marriage Documents (1834), Death Certificate (1835), and Headstone (1837).   It should be stated that his Census info also showed multiple birth years between 1832-1837, but always listed a month of May.   I have located a potential baptism for a James Owens in May 28, 1837 in Dromore, but baptism place say's "Armagh, Seagoe".   Father aligns with what his marraige document states as his father's name - James.   However, the mother is listed as Mary McDonnell.   On his marriage certificate and death certifcate, his mother's name was always shown as Alice.    And Death certificate listed Alice McQuade.   So, I'm not certain the May 28, 1837 baptism document for a James Owen's is correct, but it's all I've been able to locate.    The Owens were Roman Catholic.   As his birth location on Naturalization papers simply stated Dromore, Tyrone, I assumed that this would have been Dromore Parish, Tyrone.   The list of Dromore's you provided (thanks) expanded possibilities.  I also located a James Owens in Griffith's (1847-1862) showing James Owens (likely his father) living/renting a place in Corrasheskin, Dromore Parish, so that gave me some confidence to assume my James was also from Dromore Parish.   Welcome further comments or questions.   




    Sunday 13th March 2022 02:07AM

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