Matilda Hall McConnell

Matilda Hall McConnell 1860

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Matilda Hall McConnell was the eldest daughter of James McConnell and Helena Sherlock. Matilda was born around 1860 and died in 1876 at her maternal grandfather's residence (James Sherlock) at age 16 years. Her sister Isabella was at her bedside when she died.

Matilda had four brother's; John, James, William Alexander and Samuel Joseph. She also had a sister Isabella. Matilda's parents died when the children were young. James in 1869 and Helena in 1872, leaving the children to be brought up by their maternal grandfather's family. The surviving five siblings emigrated to Australia around 1880. No evidence has been found of their immigration.

John never married and died in 1894, William Alexander died in 1921, James 1927, Isabella (never married) 1931 and the youngest Samuel Joseph in 1945. All of the sibling died in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia except for William who died in Western Australia.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1860
Date of Death 27th Aug 1876 VIEW SOURCE

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