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Michael Ryan born c1834 to Cornelius ‘Con’ Ryan (1803-10 Mar 1868) and Margaret (Riordan) Ryan (1810 – 25 Jan 1888) at Thurles, Tipperary.  He was baptised at Thurles parish 26th November 1834 with sponsors Richard Brett and Mary Barry.

Michael Ryan and friend (possibly cousin?) John Cahill were sponsored immigrants to NSW by James Cahill who was already in NSW living in Yass or Burrowa area.  Michael was given a reference by Thomas Bourke, Post Master at Thurles and his address was given as Quarry St, Thurles where he lived with his parents Cornelius/Con Ryan a shoemaker and Margaret Ryan nee Riordan. 

Michael Ryan and John Cahill made their way to Liverpool where they boarded the “Hannah Moore” arriving in Sydney on 6th May 1860. 

In February 1863 Michael Ryan marries  Honorah ‘Norah’ Mahony at Yass, NSW.  Norah emigrated from Banteer, Cork.    Michael and Norah moved to Burrowa where Michael conducted a bootmaking business.

In Sept 1862 Michael sponsored the emigration to NSW of his sister Mary Ryan (aged 20 yrs, b1842) a house servant from Thurles, Tipperary who can read.  Mary arrives the following year in September 1863 aboard the “Peerless”.  In 1864 Michael sponsored the emigration of his brother Edmund Ryan, a labourer, from Thurles who arrives aboard “General Caulfield” in Oct 1865.

Michael and Norah would have 10 children: Margaret, Cornelius, James, Thomas, Mary Ann, Ellen, Honorah 1st , Edward, Honora 2nd and Michael.  Michael died after an “operation for dropsy” in Feb 1882 at Burrowa, NSW.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1834 (circa)  
Date of Death 1st Feb 1882  
  Michael Ryan born c1834 to Cornelius ‘Con’ Ryan (1803-10 Mar 1868) and Margaret (Riordan) Ryan (1810 – 25 Jan 1888) at Thurles, Tipperary. He was baptised at Thurles parish 26th November 1834 with sponsors Richard Brett and Mary Barry.  
Place of Death Notice in "The Burrowa News" 10 February 1882. No Death Certificate has been located.  


  • I would love to hear from anyone who has information on this Ryan family and Riordan family. 

    I have not been able to locate a marriage for Michael's parents Cornelius Ryan & Margaret Riordan.     

    Known children of Cornelius & Margaret were:  Mary, Michael, Edmund, Bridget & Patrick.   All were baptised in Thurles with sponsor names:  Dennis Riordan, Biddy Heany, Michael Riordan, Mary Godfrey, Richard Brett, Mary Barry, Edmund Ryan, Bridget Ryan, James Ryan, Judith Purcell, Bridget Watson and Mary Riordan.

    Family lore says that there was communication between the Australian emigrants and relatives who had emigrated to the United States.   



    Monday 14th January 2019, 12:00AM
  • Hi Maggie,

    I have only found this page after joining a FaceBook group to discuss my newly found discovery of DNA matches to the RYAN family. Please excuse my cutting and pasting the following information but it is easier than trying to explain in full...

    For the past 30 years I have been trying to break down one very stubborn brick wall. I found a marriage record for my 3xgrt grandmother, Johanna BRADY and her first husband, Thomas RYAN in Tralee, Kerry on 17 Oct 1850... 

    "Thomas RYAN, Johanna BRADY. Idem astiti Matrimonus Thomas RYAN and Johanna BRADY, Cath de Hare st. Jacobo SHARKY et Timotheo COLLINS."

    Locating Johanna's birth details are proving a little troublesome as I am yet to find her baptism, I thought I had found her in Tralee in 1833 but it has proven to be incorrect, her vital records have her as being born "in Ireland" 1830-1833. Her father was recorded on her death certificate (03 Mar 1868, Grenfell, NSW, Aust) as M.BRADY, farmer which doesn't really help me very much. Together Thomas and Johanna had three children, an unknown son and two daughters, Catherine and Johanna. He was a soldier in the 60th Foot Regiment who was invalided from the regiment and became a Chelsea Pensioner guard per "Fairlie" Convict ship which left for Hobart, Tasmania 11 Mar 1852. I have his military records which is how I tracked down their marriage, he was 42, Johanna was 17, he was an abusive man who was regularly punished for violent, drunken behaviour which is probably why, in 1862, she ran away with another man, John ELLIS, a convict from the "Fairlie" who would become my ancestor. They were never able to marry as Thomas outlived Johanna by 12 years and she died following the birth of twins in Grenfell, NSW in 1868, the twins dying as well.

    I checked the DNA tests of both myself and two (2nd) cousins from the same lineage for the area of Tralee, Kerry with not even one match to either surname. Suddenly I had an unexpected breakthrough! I tried Thurles, Tipperary (taken from Thomas RYAN's records), my reasoning had been to locate a BRADY match as we have no connection to Thomas other than him being Johanna's first husband. Unfortunately, it was a major let-down as again there were no matches for the name of BRADY in Thurles which effectively crosses out our only known places to check for Johanna.

    Unexpectedly I found that we all have matches to the surname of RYAN (still in Thurles) with a varying degree of success, 4 matches to myself, 12 to one cousin and 13 matches for the remaining cousin, (we still don't have any interconnecting matches between each other). To say I am confused is an understatement! Obviously, DNA doesn't lie so somewhere in Thurles is an earlier relationship between the RYAN family of Thurles and the BRADY family who we are yet to locate.

    Thomas RYAN was baptised 9 Oct 1808, the son of "Edm Ryan & Cat Burke" of Pudding Lane, Thurles, in the Diocese of Cashel and Emly, Tipperary; sponsors: Matthew QUINLAN & Mary BURKE, Mary may be a sister of Catherine? I am unable to locate a marriage or any further details for the said Edmund RYAN and Cat BURKE. 

    I've just done a quick search thru FindMyPast and can only find one "possible" connection between a Catherine and a Mary BURKE. There is a baptism record for Catharina BURKE, 29 Jun 1796, Carrick-On-Suir, Waterford and Lismore, dau of Tobia BURKE & Catharina McGRATH. The same couple also baptised a daughter Maria on 10 Dec 1793. I can find no other records of a Catherine and a Mary as sisters.
    Thomas now has a sister, Mary bapt.15 Dec 1809. Her sponsors were Pat.BURKE & Anne QUINLAN. Maybe the Quinlan sponsors, Matthew and Anne are related somehow? On the same day that Thomas was baptised there was another child, Catherine BURKE, dau of Robert BURKE & Margaret FOGARTY, sponsors being Michael BURKE & Honora FOGARTY. I think they have to be related as why else would there be two BURKE babies be baptised on the same day. The plot thickens!

    Possible BURKE family includes: Pat, Robert, Michael, Tobia & Catherine.
    Possible RYAN family includes: Edmund, Thomas & Mary.
    Possible QUINLAN family includes: Matthew & Anne.
    Possible FOGARTY family includes: Margaret & Honora.
    Possible McGRATH family includes: Catherine.

    So Maggie that is my story and now you can see why I jumped when I saw your story and the name Edmund RYAN who I am hoping MIGHT be related to my Thomas RYAN's father. I was wondering if you have any DNA matches, other connections or research which might help me sort out this family? I have my DNA at both Ancestry and MyHeritage if you want to check them out.
    I look forward to hearing from you in the nearish future,

    Erynne Baynes,

    Warragul, Victoria.

    Easily found on FaceBook.


    Monday 8th April 2019, 01:00PM
  • Hi Erynne 

    Lovely to hear from you.  The number of Ryans in Tipperary and especially Thurles make it near on impossible to trace ancestors  I have found!  The easiest way is to compare our DNA.

    I have my DNA on Ancestry as well as my father's (whose mother was a Ryan).  I can check his and my matches to see if yours comes up.  What name is your DNA profile shown as?   A quicker and more efficient way is via GEDMATCH.  (www.gedmatch.com).   I have downloaded my DNA as a GEDCOM file (which you can do from Ancestry) onto WikiTree, you can then just pop it into GEDMatch to compare with mine to see if we share DNA.       If you need help with this email me on djpmmp@gmail.com   and I can go into further detail.  I don't do FaceBook!    

    Toowoomba, Queensland


    Thursday 11th April 2019, 02:35AM

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