Robert Barrett  & son William Barrett of Grenagh, Co. Cork

The Barretts, serving under De Cogan (who controlled the McCarthy territory, west of Cork Harbour) worked hard to spread their influence throughout West Cork from the late 12th century to the mid 15th century. Maintaining their relationship with Carew, they rose in influence through service to various kings.

The Gaelic Resurgence of the early 1300s drove the Barretts from their west Cork lands. Then they appear to have settled mostly at Grenagh.

  • In 1317, for working with the king’s armies against “the king’s enemies”, a William Barrett, in consequence with his father Robert Barrett,  was granted two parts of the local land “Grenagh”, and the castle on that land.Here, they began to concentrate their numbers and influence to spread throughout Cork again. In time, the Barretts came into possession of a great part of County Cork that had first been given to DeCogan.
  • Around 1360, the Barrett’s overlords, The Cogans, were at war with a local Irish clan (the McCarthys and their followers). For some reason unknown, the Barretts chose to support the locals instead of their fellow Norman Invaders.
  • In 1363, with support from the English Crown, the Cogans re-conquered much of the remaining area of Cork. When these lands were vacated by the McCarthys and other local families, the Barretts seized the opportunity to occupy the lands themselves thus preventing the Cogans from taking possession. The Barretts also sub-let land to some of the lesser-known McCarthy supporters.
Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1250 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Barony of BARRETTS Carrigrohane Castle  


  • Has anyone created an official Barrett tree showing Stephen de Barrett and his sons, to modern day?


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