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Another 4x great-grandfather, Robert Earl was born about 1787.  His descendants followed the Irish Naming Pattern, and so his father is assumed to have been named James, and his mother Sarah or Jane.  Along with his petition for land in Canada, came a recommendation from the Parish of Carrigallen, Leitrim dated 30 April 1820, "Robert Earls (sic) was honest, industrious, sober, well behaved and good Protestant, and descended from same and lived and earned in aforesaid Ireland Parish and County". Based on the year of birth of first known child Margaret in 1819, he had married Ann Hunt about 1817.  14 Feb 1823 he swore his allegiance to the King when he applied for land, and 30 March 1823 Robert Earls leased Lot 20 Conc 2, Beverley Twp, paying 1pound 12 shillings and 6pence -see Images 235 to 240, on C-1893.  Daughter Sarah Jane was born about 1823 in Beverley Township in Home District, Canada West, (now known as Wentworth County, Ontario). 

Based on Irish Naming Pattern, there may have been another daughter Hannah b 1821 who died young.  Other children included James Caesar 11 Aug 1824, East Flamborough, Wentworth County, twins Amanda and Ameltha b 30 June 1826 on the heights overlooking Dundas, Wentworth County, Robert J 1831, and John Wesley 1835 South Dumfries, Brant County (which is about 35 km northwest of Dundas). In 1824, Robert Erls (sic) appears in the Tax Assessment for Beverly Twp, with 2 acres cultivated, 198 acres uncultivated, and 2 milch cows.  By 1829, Robert Lot 34 conc 3 lvg with Robert and Mrs HUNT, believed to be Ann's uncle.  Shows one more female under 12.  Following year, taxation in name of Robert EARL, same 12 family members, with Ann's father James Hunt taxed on the other 100 acres. Although James Hunt had died in 1828, his widow Margaret could not own property in her own right, so the land was still in James' name until she died abt 1862. This is the property in the Wentworth County Atlas owned by William Brown.  

By 1844  tax assessment Robert Earls (sic) was on Conc 4 lot 7, 120 acres East Flamborough Twp, with her brothers Robert Hunt and John Hunt on north side of Waterdown. In the previous year's Tax assessment, daughter Margaret [Earl] and Samuel* Kerr were on Conc 3 lot 7 at west side of Waterdown. 

Robert and Ann were finally located in the census of 1861, enumerated as EARLS, living in a 1 1/2 storey frame house between Edward Armstrong and John Ford, on Lot 5 Conc 6 Trafalgar Township, near Britannia Rd  at James Snow Parkway.  The 1871 census - same location, with son James Caesar and family living in the house next to them.  Robert Earl died 27 Oct 1876, burial location unknown.

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1787 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 27th Oct 1876

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