Sarah Cleary1823

Sarah Cleary 1823

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Place of migration
Stayed in Ireland

Sarah Cleary

b. Abt 1823

d. 4 Sep 1877 Nenagh, Tipperary, Ire.

m. Jeremiah Kennedy 12 Sep 1843 Nenagh, Tipperary Ire.

Sarah had 8 children, 5 daughters and 3 sons. She died in the Nenagh Workhouse having suffered from “general disability” for 4 years and burns for 2 days. After her death her husband and 3 daughters emigrated to Minnesota, where her eldest daughter, Hannah, lived with her husband Patrick Ryan (also from Nenagh) and their children.

The death certificate states that Sarah suffered from burns for 2 days prior to her death. This has been corroborated by medical history papers found for the son of one of her daughters in Minnesota, which stated that the child’s maternal grandmother died from burns – she fell into a fire.

Sarah’s general disability appears to be an early onset familial dementia, as we have tracked descendants of her children and many of them also suffered from this as young as in their early 40’s and as recently as 2010 - descendants of one of her sons.

We have found baptismal records for a Sarah Cleary, daughter of James Cleary and Netty (Betty) Kilfoil, in the Parish Roscrea, the Diocese Killaloe on 23 Aug 1823. Even though it is the same year as the death certificate for our Sarah indicates, we have no proof this is our Sarah Cleary. If as might be assumed Sarah had a genetic mutation, it is likely this would be found in descendants of other children of James and Netty. We would love to hear from anyone with knowledge of this Cleary and Kilfoil family.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1823 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Sep 1877
Associated Building (s) Nenagh Workhouse  

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