Stephen Barrett1795

Stephen Barrett 1795

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Stephen Barrett (1795-1848) of Finnor and his wife Brigid Sharkett (1800-1842) were the progenitors of a number of Barretts who came to settle in Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA.


Marriage Records 1822


On 13 Oct 1822, Stephen Barrett (1795-1848) of Finnor married Brigid Sharkett (1800-1842) of Boyle. Their marriage was witnessed by his brother, Patrick Barrett of Ballinvilla & John Sharkett.  It is likely that Stephen Barrett was the youngest son of Matthew Barrett & Brigid Grelish of Finnor, and likely born in Finnor House.


Baptism Records 1825-1847

Stephen & Brigid baptised the following children in the Catholic Parish of Croghan:
Mathew Barrett      12/12/1825
Patrick                    17 Feb 1828         
John                       25 Jan 1830          
Michael                  23 Jul 1833        
Stephen                09 Dec 1840     
James                    21 Feb 1847   


Other close relatives

The following siblings and siblings-in-law were invited to godparent:    Brigid Barrett, Matthew Barrett, Michael Barrett, Brigid Dowd, Mary Dowd, Catherine Sharkett, Luke Sharkett,  Thomas Lannon.


Land Records 1842

Stephen Barrett sublet 18 Irish acres (abt. 29 statute acres) at farm #4 Finnor, which he shared in partnership with his sister's husband, Bryan Dowd. They were both tenants of  Richard O'Farrell Caddell. Both Bryan (house 4a) and Stephen (house 4b) would have been labouring for his eldest brother, John Barrett Esq.,  of Finnor House, (who had 113 acres in Finnor).

In 1842, Stephen and Bryan were paying 10 shillings each tithes on this land (of which only 5 acres was 2nd class, and the remainder poorer quality land).


Orphaned children

Brigid passed away in 1842 at the age of 42.

Stephen died, age 53, in 1848 in Boyle, at the time of the Great Famine. 

Their children were raised by an aunt (most likely Bryan Dowd’s wife). In 1857, the immediate lessor of Stephen's house (#4b Finnor) was Michael Barrett of Finnor House. Their original family home is still extant as an outbuilding (see photo).



At the age of 21, Stephen Barret Jr. (1840-1922 ) emigrated to the US in 1863. He settled in Sugar Creek near Franklin PA and his brothers Matthew Barrett & Michael Barrett of Carrowmore soon followed him.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1795 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Jan 1848
Associated Building (s) Finnor House  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Matthew Barrett (1749-1815) of Finnor.

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