Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in Australia

I'm looking for William Drought, b 1833 Roscrea, Birr, Offaly. 

I'm not sure exactly when he arrived in Australia, only that it was the 1850's, and that he was here by 1861 as that's when he married Marie Elizabeth Kilpatrick at Merton, Victoria. 

His parents were John Drought and Catherine née Drought b abt 1810.

One story is that he brought horses with him from Ireland, and another is that  he came to Australia via America. 

He gave a set of silver dueling pistols to his daughter, my grandfather's mother. She discovered later upon communicating with a Drought lady in Canada that she also had a pair of silver dueling pistols. There must be a story in there somewhere. 

William also always wore a locket with a painting of a Miss Georgina Parsons. DNA has now indicated that my family have a fair number of Parsons matches, so she may have been a cousin. 

He and Marie Elizabeth Kilpatrick had 10 children. 

In 1891, when he was 60 years old, William had called his family together, he said, to tell them his story. Unfortunately he had a horse and buggy accident in the paddock whilst showing horses to buyers, and never recovered. He died four days later. Thus his family never did hear his story.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1833
Date of Death 29th Sep 1891


  • I have further information about William Drought. He is my maternal GG Grandfather. I lived in the Merton area in Victoria. He has many relatives in the area. Daryl 




    Monday 7th September 2020 02:54AM
  • Hi Darryl, would love to see what you have, also to see your family tree. William Drought is my GG Grandfather also. 
    can I email you directly? 



    Monday 7th September 2020 03:13AM
  • Darryl, do you have a family tree on 


    Monday 7th September 2020 03:15AM
  • Yes, not sure how that works. I have a photograph and immigration details. 


    Monday 7th September 2020 03:16AM
  • Hi Darryl, which of William Drought's children do you descend from? 


    Monday 7th September 2020 03:17AM
  • I do not use any of the paid family tree sites. Ethel Drought is my mother’s Grandmother. Ethel married John Kubeil. Where are you?


    Monday 7th September 2020 03:20AM
  • I have never been able to locate any of William’s family in Ireland. I have his parents listed as John and Catherine Drought in his Death Certificate. I am at work and will look into this more when I get home. 


    Monday 7th September 2020 03:23AM
  • Mary Elizabeth Drought is my father's paternal grandmother. So Ethel Florence is your line? I'm in is my father, whose grandmother she was. He's 91 and still running 700 head of cattle on his 1300 acres up in the NE of Vic. 
    I'd love to see a photo of William. 
    would you mind emailing me at  so we can communicate there? 


    Monday 7th September 2020 05:07AM

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