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Alice McCabe1782
Dublin +others Booterstown (Dublin) DOB : 1st Jan 1782
Sylvester Redmond1821
Booterstown (Dublin) DOB : 21st Aug 1821
John Brien1860
Booterstown (Dublin) +others St Michaels (Dublin) St Michans (Dublin) DOB : 23rd May 1860
John  Dillon MP and Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party1851
Tibohine (Roscommon) +others Booterstown (Dublin) Glasnevin (Dublin) Roscommon Dublin DOB : 1st Jan 1851
Major Oliver Fry 17731773
Boyle (Roscommon) +others Booterstown (Dublin) Drumcliff (Sligo) St Marys Athlone (Westmeath) DOB : 1st Jun 1773
William  Langton1775
Dublin +others Artane (Dublin) Booterstown (Dublin) DOB : 1st Jan 1775
Roger Murray1812
Booterstown (Dublin) DOB : 1st Jan 1812
Booterstown (Dublin)