Cong (Mayo)

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Fishing Hut at Cong Abbey
Fishing Hut at Cong Abbey

The Abbey in Cong County Mayo is built on the site of an earlier monastery thought to date to the 7th century. This earlier settlement is thought to have been founded by St Feichin.

The complex of buildings visible today were built in the 12th century. This was carried out at the behest of Turlough O'Connor, the King of Connaught. At this point in the Abbey's history it was dedicated to the Augustininan Order. 

After its extensive rebuild, Cong Abbey became renowned as a place of learning. 

A number of buildings are still standing today, including a Chapter House, Fishing Hut, and the remains of the Cloisters.

Today Cong Abbey is under the protection of the OPW and is open to the public. 



History of Cong Abbey Ireland VIEW SOURCE
History of Cong Abbey Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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Religious Institution

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