Carrigallen (Leitrim)

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Woodford House and Demesne (just north of Newtown Gore on the Leitrim Cavan border) was the seat of the Gore family in the 18th and 19th century (see Taylor and Skinner; Wilson in the 1780s). It is located close to the site of Woodford Castle. This townland was originally Toommonaghan / Tuomonaghan.

In 1814 it was occupied by John Gore. In the first Ordnance Survey of 1835, it was described as "formerly the residence of the Rev. Gore" and "formerly a genteel residence but now in a ruinous state". By 1837, it was the seat of Ormsby Gore (Lewis). In 1857, it was the residence of Robert J. Gore at the time of Griffith's Valuation (when it was valued at £15). In 1864 the fattening lands known as Little and Big Deerpark at Woodford Demesne were auctioned for sale by William C. and Arthur N. Gore. 

By 1906 it was the property of Emily Upperton and valued at £19.

Today little remains of this building save for some out-buildings and a walled garden. 

Houghton's Shore on Woodford Demesne (a mooring placename that survives to this day) dates back to 1857 when George Haughton had a 35-acre holding of land here at #6a in Griffith's Valuation.

Type of Building:

Landed Estate


  • This is very interesting as George Haughton was my 3rd great uncle.    I saw Haughton's Shore when I was in Ireland but had not idea how it camed to be.    


    Sunday 30th August 2020 12:16AM
  • We'd love if you added what you know about George Houghton to our Ancestors roll-call for #Carrigallen. Here's how...


    Sunday 30th August 2020 12:54AM

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