Margaret Hurley's Travelling Chest

Margaret Hurley - An Earl Grey story

When: Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Picture: The travelling chest that contained all of Margaret's wordly goods upon arrival in Australia. On loan to the Hyde Park Museum from Orphan Girl descendant Mrs Perry.

Gort Kilmacduagh And Kiltartan (Galway) Galway
Molly Daniel, Martha Clark, and Sara Burrus. Front: Roberta Clark and Annis Householder.

A return trip to Ireland and a visit to Thoor Ballylee

When: Friday, 24 June, 2016

One day last winter, Molly Daniel from Charleston, Illinois asked her mother if there were any trips she would like to make. “I’d like to see Ireland again,” she answered. Molly's mom, Roberta has traveled from the USA to Ireland twice before – in 1980 with her brother, Mike Wh

Gort Kilmacduagh And Kiltartan (Galway) Galway
Coole park Gort County Galway Ireland

Coole Visitor Centre and Tearooms re-opening 2017

When: Wednesday, 15 March, 2017

Spring is here, the birds are singing and the early spring flowers are blooming at Coole. The Visitor Centre and tearooms are now open at the weekends, except for 1st and 2nd April - St Patrick’s weekend, 25th & 26th March and 8th & 9th April.

Gort Kilmacduagh And Kiltartan (Galway) Galway