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Stayed in Ireland

John Galvin married May Enright in the RC parish of Inagh & Kilnamona on 20 February 1855. There was an Enright stronghold in Sileshaun East. Witnesess: Thomas Brody & John Enright

It would appear to be a Pre-Lenten communal wedding where several couples wed on the same day: Malachy O'Loughin & Biddy Keaty (Katy - Sileshaun West), John Hegarty & Mary Neylan, James Barry & Biddy Tuthill, Thomas Kinahan & Mary Linnane, Martin Scullane & Mary Markham. 

At the time of Griffith's Valuation in 1856 James Galvin is recorded at farm #2a Sileshaun East with 42 acres and a 15 shilling house. (The Sileshaun Tithe Applotments in 1843 record only a Pat Galvin.)


James Galvin b.1855 (present in 1901 Census) godparents John & Catherine Enright, Silshane

Michael Galvin b.1857 (present in 1901 Census) godprents Michael & Brigid Enright

Nancy (Ann) Galvin Jr b.1859 godparents Pat Enright & Mary Leyden of Silshane

John Galvin Jr b.1865 godparents Micahel & Brigid Leyden of Silshane

Mary Galvin Jr b.1867 godparents godparents Michael Enright & Brigid Leyden of Silshane

On 16 March 1864, John Galvin of Soilshane (farmer) was taken to court by John Garraghy of Inagh (Labourer) for refusing to pay wages of 9 shillings (no appearance at Corofin Petty Court). 


John Leydon of house 6a Sileshaun was their nearest neighbour. 


May appear on record as: Gallivan, Galvan, Galven

Additional Information
Associated Building (s) Sileshaun East TOWNLAND  


  • The post also includes details about James Galvin's occupation and property in Sileshaun East, as well as the names and godparents of their children. It concludes with a mention of a legal dispute involving John Galvin and John Garraghy over unpaid wages.


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