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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1882


  • My Wheeler ancestors came from Kilbride, Cavan. I have 1821 census records of them there. James Wheeler married Mary Daly in 1830s. Her parents were Thomas Daly and Maragaet Halpin.

    John Hosie

    Friday 12th March 2021 08:41AM
  • My Kerr ancestors came from Kilbride, Cavan and my great great grandmother was named Maria (Daly) Kerr (husband James). They emigrated to New York in 1850. 


    Thursday 28th October 2021 01:41AM
  • Do you have the census record for the Kerrs? The Wheeler townland was Aughatina in those days but does not seem to have survived.  In the smmer of 1821, there was 690 houses and 3886 inhabitants in Kilbride.  Maria might have been a Mary.  They wrote in Latin. My Mary was born about 1809 and died in 1844 on the ship "Aberfoyle" when off the coast of Africa from childbirth complexions. They were on their way to Australia. 

    John Hosie

    Thursday 28th October 2021 03:08AM
  • Not any Irish census record. Just U.S.  

    My Maria Daly was born in Ireland in 1836 and died around 1872. She is recorded as Maria in two US censuses and in my great grandfather's obituary (she was his mother). Her husband's father's (or uncle?) headstone says Kilbride, Cavan Co and it is believed they all emigrated together. All were Catholic.

    Do you have any Irish census record from that time period?  Or any leads?  Thank you for the quick response. It amazes me when I just signed up to find a Daly as the first posting.





    Thursday 28th October 2021 04:02AM
  • As you might be aware of census records in Ireland are rare find. It so happens that Cavan census for 1821 are available. You can find it on Familsearch. There are 427 Kerrs!

    Good luck


    John Hosie

    Thursday 28th October 2021 04:36AM
  • Opps there are only about 16 in Kilbride with therest from Cavan

    John Hosie

    Thursday 28th October 2021 04:39AM
  • I just logged into Familysearch and think I may have found my great great great grandfather and two of his sons that came to the US in 1850 (he was born in 1784). Also noting that another Kerr family had two sons with the same names as his - likely cousins because they are also located here in the family cemetery plot. Now I can finally decipher which were cousins and which were brothers. 


    Thank you John!


    Thursday 28th October 2021 05:28AM

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