Roscrea (Tipperary)

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Golden Grove House ( now demolished )      Irish State. . .and the Land Commission.
Golden Grove House ( now demolished ) Irish State. . .and the Land Commission.


The Commission pre-dates the newly formed Irish Free State by almost 40 years . . it was set up in 1881 as a FAIR RENT fixing body

and later took responsibility for buying out the historical Landed Estates .. and Landlords . . and appropriation of the lands to new tenants . . on smallerholdings.

Much of this work was done before 1923 . . and was only completed after the newly formed Irish Government took control.

By 1930 . . more than 400,000 holdings had been bought out . . covering an area of 14 million acres.

In an article in the Irish Times dated Feb.28th,1992 . . the then Minister . . Mr Liam Hyland is quoted . . 

" In the process . . Landlordism was abolished, and the Lands of Ireland were ,once again, back in the hands of native hands.

Such a transformation in the land tenure system . . could only be described as a major social revolution. "

With the completion of land purchase . . the Commission moved on to the improvement of the physical conditions of many of the small-holdings.

Smal lfarms were for the most part were small and badly fragmented . .with poor drainage. .  especially in the West .

The Commission's aim was to bring as many holdings . . as possible . . up to a viable improved standard.

Originally this was regarded as 22 acres . . of good land . . subsequently raised to 33 acres.. . and ,more recently, 45 acres.

The criteria for distribution were ...(1) Acerage already being farmed. . (2) Family circumstances . . (3) distance from acquisition. . 

(4) farming ability . . giving energetic small farmers . . a base on which they could build for the future.

The Commission was very successful down through the years . . . and what was started in 1881 by a " Mr.Deacy " . . was finally

finished 100 years later. . by another " Mr.Deacy ". E.M.H.



NUI Galway ..Landed Family and Estates. Ireland VIEW SOURCE

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