Mary (nee Mannion) Beirne 1787


There were no Mannions at all in the parish of Elphin in 1749 (and only 3 Mannions showing up nearby in the Elphin Census).
However, by the early 19th Century, they were prolific and many Mannion siblings were living in Cloonybrennan:

Mary Mannion (c. 1787 – ? ) married Mark BEIRNE of Lugboy in 18O7. Witnessed by: Patrick Manion and Mary Casserly.  Their baptismal records albeit scant, confirm the couple lived in Cloonybrennan. Mary invited Margaret Mannion to godparent in 1811. Michael McDermott of Cloonybrennan married her husband’s sister Anne Beirne (lived in Cloncullane).

Anne  02-May-1811   Michael McDermott & Margaret Manion
Mary      28-Feb-1823     John Burke16 &  Brigid Burke
Thomas  23-Nov-1830         John Beirne     &  Margaret Casserly

The Beirnes, Cassserlys and Mannions were all related and living in the same clachán by the looks of it. Like the McDermotts, they were too poor to have land to their name. This sad fact is also evident in parish records (where the normal stipend of 2/6, paid to the baptising priest, was recorded as 0/0 for “paupers”).

While Casserly and McDermott endured, the Mannion and Beirne surname did not survive the famine in Cloonybrennan.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1787 (circa)  

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