Patrick Forde was born (a twin to Martin Forde) on 24th September 1836, in Bellalegaun, Killeenadeema Parish (with R. C. chapels at Kildeema, Derrybrian and Ayle), which is 3 miles from Loughrea, Clonfert Diocese, Co Galway. He was baptised the same day on 24th September 1836, as Patritius Forde (along with Martinus Forde, the first born twin), to Gulielmus (William) Forde and Maria (Mary) Tierney, sponsors Jacobus Forde and Brigida Flaherty (and Patritius Sheehan and Maria Sheehan for Martin Forde). Patrick Forde married on 28th Oct 1852, in Leitrim Parish, Clonfert Parish, Co Galway, Anna (Anne) Maher (b. c. 1839), born in Clonfert Diocese, Co Galway... Anna (Anne) Forde (née Maher) died sometime before 1864...there do not seem to have been any children born to this marriage... Patrick Forde then appears to have moved to live in Dublin, and his parents also seem to have moved, as he was living with them at the same address when he married again. Patrick Forde was aged 28, and Elizabeth Mary Wilson was aged 24 (indicating d.o.b. 1840), when in fact she was aged 15, three months short of 16, when they married on 4th Sept 1864, in St Mary's Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, according to the civil marriage record; she is described as a "Spinster" and a "Dressmaker", her address 14 Marlboro Place, his address is given as 26 Lower Abbey Street; she signed her name as Eliza Mary Wilson. On the parish marriage record Elizabeth's father is given as Johannis (John) Wilson, a "Gunmaker", her mother Elizabeth Wilson, their address 14 Marlboro Place; Patrick's name is given as Patritius (Patrick) Forde, a "Widower" and a "House Painter", his father as Gulielmi (William) Forde, a "Home Carpenter", his mother as Maria (Mary) Forde, their address 26 Abbey St. (which implies both Patrick's parents were still alive, and had apparently moved to Dublin also, and that he was living with them); witnesses were Joannes (John) Wilson, of 14 Marlboro Place (Eliza's father, presumably?), and Maria (Mary) Collins, of 95 Marlboro Street... Patrick Forde, aged 55, married and a "Painter", was registered as having died on 4th Oct 1892, in 43 Marlboro St., Dublin North, of "Hemiglegia, 5 years, Mitral Disease", "Patrick Forde, son, present at death, address 18 Upper Gloster St., Dublin North." Patrick and Eliza had six children. Their son, named Patrick John Forde, born in 1869, is my grandmother's father, going up the maternal side of my family. That is, he is my mother's mother's father, so is one of my great-grandfathers.    

Additional Information
Date of Birth 24th Sep 1836
Date of Death 4th Oct 1892

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