Killukin Boyle (Roscommon)

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Ard Leamhach aka Adlavagh (lit. hill of the calves / elms) features a ringfort on a height to the east. For centuries, it belonged to the McDermotts of Moylurg and is recorded as such in the Annals of Loch Cé in 1478... 


Iar n-imthecht mic Uillíam, imorro, as Magh Luirg [Moylurg] , ocus íar m-beth tri hoidhche an Ard Laodhach ag cnám ocus ag coimmilled egluse ocus aois ealadan mic Dhiarmada, tanic Ruaidri mac Diarmada don tír, ocus ro shuidhidh a caoraighecht im Ard Charna  ocus assin co Búill ar gach taoibh, ocus téid fein ar Cruachán  ocus ro goired tigerna dhe ar beolaibh Conchobair mic Conchobair mic Diarmada [Annals of Loch Cé, ii,178].

17th CENTURY 'ARDLOUGH'  1657)

During the early 17th century it is recorded as Ardlavagha / Ardlawagh and Ardleagh / Ardleeagh.

In 1641, it was owned by Ruairí Óg Mac Briain Mac Diarmada aka Rory oge McBryen McDermott  (Catholic).

In 1650, the Down Survey records and maps it as Ardlough. 

Confiscated from the McDermotts by the Cromwell administration, it was awarded to Sir George St George, of Carrickdrumrusk (Carrick-on-Shannon) for services to the Crown albeit he was a Catholic. By 1670 it was the property of his son, Sir Oliver St George (d.1695) 1st Baronet of Carrickdrumrusk.

Petty’s Map of 1670, clearly records Ardlavagh as Ardlough.



The 1749 Census shows no townland of similar name. [It may have been misrecorded as “Mullowginnan” ? Summit of the Calves? TBC]

M.C. Ford (RC) Cottier

P. Glynn (RC) Cottier

L.H. Beckett (RC) Cottier

On 11 December 1789, a decree of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer,  ordered the sale of the property of defendant Charles Manners St. George, a minor (age 3 yrs) in Co. Roscommon and Co. Leitrim, to include the townland of Ardlea (and the Manor of Carrickdrumarusk).


In 1829, there were no freeholders in Ardlavagh eligible to register to vote (a holding of £10 or more was required).

In 1839, Ardlavagh had about 24 houses none of which were valued at £5 or more. The quality of the land here (before drainage was introduced) was classed as 3rd 4th & 5th grade.

'Central townland. Bounded on the North by the townland of Knoccorra; East by Torymartin and Legvoy alias Gardenstown; and South by the Parish (of) Killumod… Farms from 4 to 20 Irish acres. Soil cold wet and poor clay with limestone‘ (OS Name Books).

1835 Tenants in Ardlavagh

John Conlan

Darby Day or Daly

Pat Devanny,  Thomas Devaney  & Pat Devanny [GV6a]

Pat Duignan

Herbert Farrell  7a  (max)  &  Ed Farrell

Pat Flanagan [GV9a]

Andrew Gallagher

Bernard aka Bryan Glancy

Lacky aka Malachy aka Loughlin Lavin ; Ed Lavin

Peter McDermott

Thomas McGarry [GV5a]

Widow & John Mulvey [GV1a];  Lacky aka Malachy aka Loughlin Mulvey

Pat Neil aka Neal aka O'Neil

John Oats

Ed Padden

Pat Walsh [GV8a] 15 acres on a 7-year lease (from 1857).


During the Great Famine, Ardlavagh was badly hit and lost half of its population of 139 (1841). By the close of the famine in 1851, only 73 residents remained. Of its 24 homes, 9 were now vacant. The following families no longer appear on record here:  Conlan, Day, Duignan, Gallagher, Glancy, McDermott, Oats, Padden, 

In 1855, the Encumbered Estates Commission published a list of townlands owned by Taffe, Farrell and Nolan in this district, that it had ordered to be sold. This included "Ardlough alias Ardleagh otherwise Ardlaragh" [Dublin Daily Express 14 may 1855]. 

In 1857 Daniel H. Ferrall Esq of Beechwood was recorded as the owner.  Tenant farmer families that survived the famine here were:  Devaney, Farrell, Flanagan, Lane, McGarry, Mulvey O'Neil, and Walsh.

The Encumbered Estates auction finally took place in 1863 (Agents Stewart & Kincaid) which gives us more information about the tenants wh o were still in Ardlavagh that year:

1863 ARDLAVAGH (all on 7 year leases from 1857)

Pat Devaney  17 acr

Pat Farrell  [GV10a]  24acr 

Pat Flanagan (+ Knockacorrtha)

Ed Lane - son of Catherine Lane   [GV2a]

Thomas McGarry

John Mulvey, Laughlin (Lacky) Mulvey [GV4a] , and  Peter Mulvey [GV7a] 16acr

Pat Neil  aka O'Neil {GV3a]

Pat Walsh [GV8a]  15 acres  (by 1901 the Walsh name was no longer recorded here.



During the time of the Land Wars in 1880s Ireland, Mr William Boyd PLG was treasurer of the Killukin branch of the Land League and acted as agent for the tenants of the "Ardlavagh, Tour and Toorymartin estates" who made headline news for standing their ground:

[Dublin Daily Express - 3 November 1881]  THE RENT QUESTION IN ROSCOMMON. Carrick-on-Shannon (from our Correspondent)

Several tenants on the Ardlava [Ardlavagh], Tour [Toormore], and Toorymartin estates of the Messers Cassidy, of Dublin, have lately been served with ejectments for non-payment of rent. The Messrs Cassidy’s estates contain about 500 acres, of which about 300 are of medium and inferior quality, while the remainder consists of moors which the tenants have rescued from their original sterility. The rents paid by the tenants on these estates range from 50 to 250 percent above the Government valuation. It is also complained of that as soon as the tenants succeeded in reclaiming moor or improving their holdings the rents were immediately raised. Last winter the Messers Cassidy offered their tenants an abatement of 25 percent, which would bring some of the rents to the Government valuation, while it would leave more of them at 150 percent, above that standard. These terms the tenants declined to accept, offering to pay according to the Government valuation. Ejectments have consequently been issued. c

And beat the landlords ...

[Dublin Daily Express - 3 November 1881]  LAND LEAGUES AND RENT REDUCTIONS IN THE WEST. (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT) Boyle, Wednesday 

Guy Lloyd, Esq, J P. has through his agent, Mr. Thomas Cox intimated to the tenantry on his several estates that he will allow them an abatement of 25 percent on the half-year's rent now due. The tenantry, with the exception of a few who have paid stealthily, have declined to accept these terms and declined to pay any rent till Mr. Parnell and the other suspects are released. During the past week, several copies of a printed notice have been clandestinely posted up the town of Croghan and the surrounding districts denouncing a shopkeeper who is "reasonably suspected” of having paid his rent and calling the people to boycott him. The Messrs. Cassidy, of Dublin, have through their agent, Mr. Hanly, intimated to the tenantry on their Tour Ardlava and Tourymartin estates that they will accept the rent and arrears now due from them according to the Government valuation. The majority of the tenants have accepted these terms and paid their rents, while others have promised to do so.  

[Freeman's Journal - 30 November 1882 ] THE RENT QUESTION  The Messrs Cassidy, of Dublin, have intimated to the tenants residing on their Ardlava, Tour,  and Touryrmartin estates that they will assist them to obtain the benefits of the Arrears Act. They have also amicably arranged the future fair rent of the majority of the tenants' holdings at reductions varying from forty to eighty percent under the rents recently paid, and are also allowing them free turbary. 


During the Anglo-Irish War of Independence, two young men from Ardlavagh were arrested...


Two young farmers from the Ardlava district, Carrick-on-Shannon, named Owen Mulvey (b.1891) and Bernard Farrell (b.1894), have been sentenced by a field general court-martial on a charge of having shotguns in their possession. Both were found guilty and Mulvey was sentenced to two and half years hard labour, and Farrell to five years' penal servitude.  [Larne Times - 30 April 1921]

What became of them does anyone know?  

By 1926, emigration had further taken its toll and Ardlaaghs population had reduced to 43.


Today only 4 families live in the townland of Ardlavagh.

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