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Looking for my ancestors

13-Apr-20 15:52
IrelandXO, Sligo, Emlaghfad (Sligo) 5 Roger, Many Many Thanks for your
by elvisjim 16-Apr-20 21:42

Minchin/King Family

10-Feb-20 13:34
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Estersnow (Roscommon), IrelandXO, Roscommon, Sligo 2 Vicky:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 17-Jul-20 18:09

Lost Ancestors - King family

16-Jan-20 15:17
Emlaghfad (Sligo), IrelandXO, Sligo 6 Thank you so much for this
by Vicky 17-Jan-20 10:55

Conroy Family members

29-Oct-18 00:33
Emlaghfad (Sligo), IrelandXO, Sligo 11 Hi Linda
by John. J. IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 2-Jan-20 15:32

McGovern - Gray Family of Cluid and Corhuber, Ballymote and Dernaskeagh, Toomour

23-Dec-16 16:24
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Sligo 12 Peter,
by Larryokeefe 10-Mar-19 17:11

Weir Family Riverstown/Tawnagh/Collooney and surrounding areas

5-Mar-15 11:44
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Sligo 2 Dear Jacqui
by 20-Jul-15 15:40

Farrel McGlone

8-Jan-14 17:46
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Sligo 2 McGlone
by 21-Feb-14 14:55

Scanlon family history

25-Nov-13 00:20
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Sligo 4 Thank you. Sorry it has taken me so
by 30-Sep-16 18:42

Looking for information on James Hannah

1-Nov-13 16:31
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Sligo 4 Mary .. if you are still on th
by Mary_Pitkin 15-Feb-23 20:42


10-May-13 15:56
Emlaghfad (Sligo), Sligo 3 Hi Emma, Thanks for taking
by 13-Jun-13 10:01

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