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Rathkeale O’Dea

8-Sep-22 23:51
Rathkeale (Limerick), Limerick 6 This is wonderful information,
by Mjodea 26-Sep-22 16:11

Kennedy Andrew Mary -Dennis , Andrew,James,Catherine, Mary Ellen, Jane

9-Jul-21 02:25
Rathkeale (Limerick), Limerick, IrelandXO 14 Hi Brenny, I didn't say she married
by Margot 21-Jul-21 8:04

Madigan and Fitzgerald Families.

18-Feb-21 04:28
Rathkeale (Limerick), IrelandXO, Limerick 11 Hi all, Looking to find details
by claremcg 5-Sep-21 3:26

Edmund Carroll

25-Sep-20 00:23
Rathkeale (Limerick), Limerick 2 Hi,
by Croom Parish Liasion, IrelandXO Volunteer 28-Sep-20 20:09

Which Jeremiah Malone is in the photo?

11-May-20 22:16
Rathkeale (Limerick), Ballyhay (Cork), IrelandXO, Limerick, Cork 10 Michael, nothing has come through
by KiwiNomad 17-Jul-20 20:00

Riordan and Conway families

4-May-20 06:30
IrelandXO, Rathkeale (Limerick), Limerick 2 Hi, From the Church record you
by Margot 5-May-20 12:44

Fergus Joseph Casey

25-Mar-20 19:26
IrelandXO, Rathkeale (Limerick), Limerick 2 Hi Rob,
by Croom Parish Liasion, IrelandXO Volunteer 7-Jul-20 21:43

Searching for Madigan ancestors

16-Jun-19 03:19
Rathkeale (Limerick), IrelandXO, Limerick 1

Michael Linahan & Agnes Christie Croagh Clogh Rathkeale Limerick

11-Jan-19 20:42
Croagh (Limerick), Rathkeale (Limerick), IrelandXO, Limerick 8 I have Michael being born 1830 died
by Kerrie Tickner 16-Oct-20 6:35

DNA Testing helps!

31-Aug-18 14:00
Rathkeale (Limerick), IrelandXO, Limerick 2 Dear Ralvey:  
by Jane Halloran Ryan 5-Sep-18 11:26

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